In April 2013 I created a new motif pattern for sale every weekday of the month, through May 3rd. Here are photos of all of the motifs that have been created so far! Each Pattern is available individually for $0.99, but you can purchase the e-book with all 25 patterns and the designs accompanying the collection for $14.99! The e-book purchasing option will become available by April 20th.

Day 1: Square Dancing

Day 2: Wonderland

Day  3: Enchanted

Day 4: Starlight

Day 5: Spellbound

Day 6: Ethereal

Day 7: Harmony

Day 8: Labyrinth

Day 9: Tempest

Day 10: Svelte

Day 11: Meadow

Day 12: Fetching

Day 13: Fleur

Day 14: Capacious

Day 15: Ardor

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