May 02, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Charm and Flourish

Hey Everyone!

All of this beautiful Wisconsin weather had to end sometime...and it chose today. Yesterday it was in the higher 80's and I was sweating, and today I was running for my sweatshirt! It sounds like it will be beautiful again next week though, and boy, do I look forward to that!

Aslan and I enjoyed the rainy views from the couch together. He is such a good crocheting buddy :)

I took another picture of the future baby room today:

It's coming...slowly. I haven't had time to touch it the last few days, but I think I finally have my stash weeded through for the most part. I think I'll be doing a second sweep next week because it all has to fit in my closet! I need to get the storage totes in the back of the room organized one last time before they get brought up to Dustin's and my shared office space. Sitting on top is a whole pile of crocheted things I found that I'd like to blog about coming up!

Unfortunately I don't think I have a before picture of this shelving unit. This shelf used to house 90% of my crochet books and magazines. I have probably weeded out at least 5 boxes of materials that I don't really need or have any emotional attachment to. I kept quite a few patterns from my grandma that I knew she had made for me or books I knew I had started things out of that I still would like to the baby afghan I started YEARS ago that I haven't touched and may not be able to find yarn for anymore. Yeah...those projects.

Did I mention I need to do a second round purge? :)

I do know that I posted a picture of this shelving unit last fall. I haven't finished my first round of purging with this shelf yet because I have to get to the things around it first :) is the before...

At this rate the baby will actually have a nursery by the time she's born! Hurray!

For your viewing pleasure today I have both motifs from days 23 and 24!

I really like the Flourish motif because it is very different from any other motif I created during Motif-a-Day! It is a cross between a triangle and a hexagon. There are two different kinds of points and therefore two different kinds of joins. The pattern actually has a chart that I made to go with it specifically for people like me who get confused very easily by written patterns!

You can see both joins in the above and below picture.

I think it would be fun to make this motif into something bigger and have different colored motifs - I think it would be very interesting with the different joins!

The charm motif is a kind of a hat tip to the obsession I've been experiencing with V stitches this week. This pattern includes them subtly. They would be much more prominent if you blocked this motif well!

I think that this motif would make a really lovely shawl. It is so delicate looking.

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Happy Crocheting!

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Hoping this is a current blog. I found you from searching for information on the Stylish Trench Coat from Crochet Today.. and found you. Please let me know if your the one that blogged on it...I so hate this pattern. smiles

Hi Cheri! It is current! I'm just on a break because I had my baby early and have still failed to blog about it...oops. you can send me an email with questions! princess.of.crochet @ :)

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