April 01, 2013


Hey Everyone!

Dustin and I arrived home at midnight last night after a looooong days drive from Atlanta. I can honestly say that there is nothing quite as sweet as being home after 9 days! Sleeping in my own bed is such a luxury that I take for granted! :)

I am so thrilled to announce that this month I am starting a new blog series! There have been a few times in the last month that I have gone back to the motifs I designed during NaMoCroMo in 2011 to be re-inspired by the motifs I created. Every time I pick up one of those pretty little things I'm reminded how much fun and how inspired I felt creating something new every day!

So, this month I am bringing you Motif-A-Day! From today until May 3rd I will be releasing a new motif designed by yours truly! I will be posting about all of the awesome things you can do with your motifs and maybe even designing a few awesome patterns from the motifs! Your pattern includes the standard motif and how to create a seamless join!

If you love the pattern, you will be able to purchase individual motif designs for 99 cents every day! At the end of the month I will be collaborating all of the designs into an e-Book that you can get for just $9.99. If you purchase the e-Book or any individual pattern, you will be able to get a discount for any pattern that is published using a motif, too!

Today's pattern is called Square Dancing. Made alone it is an awesome coaster (I have a few sitting around my house serving this purpose at the moment), but when you start joining them together they create a beautiful fabric! I used a H hook and Brown Sheep Chunky, and I think that combination would create a killer cowl!

I am really looking forward to beginning this adventure with all of you! I love challenging myself...and I think this will be great fun!

Happy Crocheting!

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