April 11, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 9 ~ Tempest

Hey Everyone!

I've had a very productive day today!

This afternoon was my first week back at Open Knitting at my LYS since before my Florida trip! It was nice to see all of my friends faces again :) While I was there, I designed today's motif AND finished a little baby dress I'm making for a friend. It's so nice to get some projects finished!

I also spent a nice amount of time cleaning my kitchen up. And then baking...and cleaning again. I haven't baked for myself in such a long time, I really enjoyed myself! Cooking day in and day out gets a little monotonous sometimes...baking just seems to break it all up a bit. I made a delicious sour cream pound cake recipe into a little mini bundt cake pan that my Grandma gave me! I glazed the cakes with a lemon glaze that was just delicious.

Yeah...I snitched ;) If you are interested in the recipe I used, you can find it on the Made From Scratch blog! I think my cakes turned out a little darker than hers because I forgot about the cakes in the oven for about 3 or 4 minutes too long....oopsies! They were still yummy nonetheless :)

And now...your favorite part of the day (oh, you know it!)...Motif time!

I have officially decided it's time to take a break on the squares. So I'll be forcing myself into playing with new shapes over the next week! I love hexagons though almost as much as the squares...so maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough yet ;)

I can't wait to see what the tempest looks like blocked out! I made it up in gorgeous Misti Alpaca and it has some incredible drape! I think that this motif would be absolutely stunning in a cardigan. Or even a scarf, too!

Tomorrow morning I go in for my 26 week midwife appointment! Little baby Willow has been super active all week, I think she's looking forward to being heard again ;)

Happy Crocheting!

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