April 09, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 7 ~ Harmony

Hey Everyone!

I think I'm all recovered from my long weekend now, I feel pretty well rested!

Today I'm very excited to be bringing you the Harmony Motif!

I am personally in love with this motif! I really like the interplay between the middle of the motif and the lacier edges. I didn't have time to make 4 motifs like I have with others, but I think it would be pretty outstanding. This pattern may have my vote to become the first pattern for this collection...but I have 3 more days in the week!

The motif is only 4 rounds, but it works up to be pretty big! Again, I absolutely just LOVE the yarn it's made in. Blue Sky Alpacas is pretty amazing, I'm just saying. I am loving this colorway in the skinny dyed cotton collection. The color is coral, and I can't wait to show you the third color I get to work with  tomorrow! Between the coral, natural and the other color....it will make a very eye catching design. In my humble opinion anyway. I'm allowed to be biased, right? :)

Happy Crocheting!


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