April 08, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 6 ~ Ethereal

Hey Everyone!

Today has been kind of an exhausting day. Actually...the last few days have been pretty exhausting!

Friday night Dustin and I stayed over at my parents house following my siblings choir concert and art show for their homeschool group. It was so fun to see how well they did! My mom has been a homeschool choir teacher on and off since I was elementary aged, and she actually directed all 3 choirs. My youngest sister was in the Sunflower Parable, which was a little musical that my mom and her class assistant adapted from the book by Liz Curtis Higgs. It was so cute! My youngest brother was in a production called "100% Chance of Rain" which is a jazz cantata based on the story of Noah. Funny thing is...I was in this very musical about 10 years ago too! I still remembered most of the songs as they sang. My middle sisters group got to create Baby Einstein inspired music videos that played during the set changes for the younger choirs. They did a fantastic job, it was so interesting to watch!

The Youngest Choir

Tomorrow marks 1 year since my husband proposed to me at Wrigley Field! Today we were able to go to the cubs season opener and someone was gracious enough to snap our picture in the very spot he proposed to me! It is kind of amazing how much has changed in this last year. I love you Dustin, saying "Yes" was the best (and easiest!) decision of my life!

We also picked up the T-shirt I was wearing today...Willow will have many years of disappointing baseball seasons in her life I am sure ;)

We did have pretty cool seats though at the Wrigley Rooftops! And tons of delicious food and free drinks to boot.

And now, on to our Motif-a-Day!


Ethereal is a square motif that is made in 4 quick and easy rounds! It is created in Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton, which is an absolutely sumptuous soft and supple cotton yarn. I have never worked with a cotton that I have loved this much in my whole life! The colors are gorgeous...as you will see over the next few days :)

I am going to be having a pole at the end of the week after working with this yarn to see which motif you want me to create into a pattern! I love the ease and quickness of this motif a lot - but there are still 4 more days in the week!

Now, I'm off to bed!

Happy Crocheting!

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Way back when, when I was in the children's choir at my church, we did that musical, too! "I'm taking my umbrella!"

I love these blocks. I can't decide which one to start with.

I love this pattern Chelsea.... And the yarn.... bring it over and let me see it please!

We're in for a storm!

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