April 19, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 14 ~ Capacious

Hey Everyone!

I'm having another one of those days where I'm seriously wondering where Spring is. It was SNOWING today. And it's SO cold. I've been ready to call it quits on winter for a nice long time now...if only mother nature could just cooperate and be nice!

The 3 Pattern Giveaway is in full swing! If you haven't entered yet, be sure that you get your entry in!

Today I am bringing you the Capacious motif! I wanted to create a motif that could make a more instant-gratification project. This motif is HUGE. Seriously, all four of the motifs barely fit on the table I usually photograph on! If you wanted to make a wrap that was lightweight and drapey for spring and summer, this would be a fantastic motif, especially with a filler motif.

One day before Motif-a-Day is over, I will produce some filler motif patterns! I've created enough motifs that need them :)

Tomorrow will be the day I play catch up and bring you Day 15! I may not write much to go with it, but I think you will like the pattern! I bought some pretty yarn at my LYS yesterday in a few different colors to design some motifs and possibly create some baby things. I'm trying to go into too much detail - I'll save it for tomorrow!

Happy Weekend! (Crochet lots, ok?)


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