April 16, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 12 ~ Fetching

Hey Everyone!

Today I had the joy of entertaining my 7 year old sister! She came home with me yesterday after I was visiting my family and stayed overnight.

Today we made coffee cake together, watched a movie, read some books and just enjoyed spending some time together. She also spent lots of time keeping Aslan entertained. He is officially pooped now that the house is quiet and the windows are cracked to let some fresh (kind of chilly) air in.

I've had lots of baby movement today, it's so exciting! It kind of feels like she is trying to stretch out as much as she possibly can. I feel big bulges near the top of my tummy and pressing way down below...And I definitely know what it feels like to have your bladder be a trampoline! I nearly leaped off the couch last night because of it!

Speaking of baby things, It has finally been nice enough to take some pictures! This is the Angel Wings Pinafore pattern. It is extremely popular on Ravelry, it is almost always in the top 20 crochet patterns! I made mine out of Malabrigo Rastita, and I'm still searching for the perfect buttons. It is such a quick crochet, I had this one done in a single day on our vacation. I am planning to make another one at some point in the future, and having the skirt part be made in the round and be joined together, rather then separate. I can't wait to see how sweet Willow looks in this! Hopefully we have some cooler summer days so she can wear some of the things I'm making :)

Alright, moving on to the exciting motif part of our day!

I was inspired to create today's motif while thinking of fun centers I could use for motifs. Like the Meadow (yesterday's) motif, I think this motif would be really lovely made up in 2 or 3 different colors to make the single rows pop. I was intending to try and make this motif be a true hexagon...but it came out more star shaped instead :)

This motif is also slightly smaller than some of my other motifs, and I really like it that way. I think the thin drapiness of it is so attractive. It is one of the qualities of crochet that has been so overlooked over the years, which is such a shame!

I am hoping to be able to put together a post in the next few days that gives an example of how different a single motif can be based on the type of yarn used in creating it! The options that you have when turning your motif into a creation are absolutely endless...especially when you start taking colors into consideration!

Happy Crocheting!

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I love the Angel Wings Pinafore such a cute little dress and you picked a wonderful color. Thank you for the pattern giveaway.

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