April 15, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 11 ~ Meadow

Hey Everyone!

Today I enjoyed a bit of a day off with my family. It was the first time I've gone over just to hang out since getting home from vacation! I got to snuggle with kittens that aren't quite kittens any more, crochet, and enjoy some hot beverages. It was really beautiful out this morning, but it cooled off considerably this afternoon, enough to warrant starting a fire in the fireplace. There isn't anything quite like crocheting with a warm cup of coffee next to the fire. It's something I really miss with our apartment...someday though, right? :)

While I was visiting, I ran with my Dad into town and got to visit my old workplace (the library) and catch up with the staff! I haven't been in there for months, so it was really exciting to find out that one of my old co-workers is expecting a little girl of her own come September!

My dad and I also hit up my all-time favorite coffee joint in town. I had a latte (I always get one there - I don't think anyone else makes them quite the same way, and I LOVE them!), and we shared a slice of their homemade coffee cake. Can you say heavenly? Ahhhhh...yum.

Now, I've kept you in suspense for today's motif long enough ;)

I created the meadow motif with the hopes of having a more flower like star shaped motif. I think that this motif would be pretty awesome made in two colors - the first one being for rows 1-3 and the second for rows 4-5.

I would love to see this motif worked up in different ways with different yarns. I think it could be incredibly versatile! I think this will be one I definitely come back to in the future :)

What can you see this motif becoming?

Happy Crocheting!

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