March 13, 2013

Project Simplification: Attacking the bedroom

Hey Everyone!

It's been a very eventful week at the Wales residence this week!

Yesterday my mom came and spent the day with me and helped me with some cleaning out.

Ever since moving into the apartment, our bedroom has kind of been a sad story. I always imagined having the sanctuary-esc bedroom that you see in every home decorating magazine on the planet...but instead I had a mess on my hands. Unmanaged laundry (my fault), and things that really didn't need to be out all over the place.

I let go of some clothes I had given up hope of ever wearing, and mom helped hang up all of the things that had needed hanging, but never got hung.

Our final product looks a little something like this:

Definitely a beautiful, oasis bedroom. I am planning on sharing more pictures with you of the details this weekend! I had such a busy morning that taking pictures before leaving for the day slipped my mind :) The thing I an probably most excited about though is that there is space to move a rocking chair in on my side of the bed, something I am anticipating as being a must-have item with baby on the way.

On a baby note, we had a midwife appointment today and everything regarding baby Willow is fantastic! She is kickin' up a storm, and has a good strong heartbeat in the 150's. She actually cooperated today and let us find her heartbeat right away and stayed in her spot! I can hardly believe that there are only about 18 weeks to go. Where does time fly to?

Happy Crocheting! I'm looking forward to sharing what I've been up to this week tomorrow!


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