March 18, 2013

Newborn Crochet Hats

Hey Everyone!

Surprise, Surprise! I'm in full blown baby crochet mood!

This week marks the end of my rigorous design-proposal weeks, and it is almost time to be able to kick back and enjoy creating some beautiful things for my little girl!

I thought in the meanwhile I would share some patterns for newborn crochet hats with you all! There are so many beautiful and incredible patterns out there. There are many free patterns, and many paid, but I am very sure that you could find exactly what you're looking for on this list!

Do you have any favorite newborn crochet hats? I'd love for you to share them with me!

{Super Bulky Newborn Hat}
Super Bulky Newborn Hat

{Crochet Owl Hat Pattern}

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Hearts All Over

{Chunky Cotton Newborn Hat}

Chunky Cotton Newborn Hat

{Shell Stitch Beanie}
Shell Stitch Beanie

Basic Beanie

{Apricot Baby Bonnet}
Apricot Baby Bonnet

{Candy Puffs Beanie}
Candy Puffs Beanie

Baby Spirals Beanie

{Abigail Ribbon Beanie}
Abigail Ribbon Beanie

{Lil' Guy Mudpie}
Lil' Guy Mudpie

{Coil Beanie}
Coil Beanie

{Patch Puppy Dog Hat}
Patch Puppy Dog Hat

{Baby Bird Beanie}
Baby Bird Beanie

{Berrylicious Beanie}
Berrylicious Beanie

{Li'l Jackie Hat}
Li'l Jackie Hat

Babies are SO SWEET! I have so much fun browsing through the baby patterns on Ravelry. There are so many talented designers out there who are so kind to put so much loving hard work into producing their newborn crochet hats for us to enjoy!

Happy Crocheting!

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