March 29, 2013

My Craftsy Wishlist

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share a little crafty something with you seems how I've been so busy enjoying my vacation to post! I spent some time this week watching my newest Craftsy class while Dustin was working. I'm taking the How to Teach It! Class that is taught by Gwen Bortner. I'm really looking forward to applying what I'm learning in her class when I get home!

I put together a little wishlist of Craftsy classes this week too. I love learning new things and I think it would be fantastic to take any of these classes!

1. Shuttle Tatting - At my knitting group on Thursdays there is one lady that has been working on a few tatting projects recently. She has been making me want to revisit tatting and make something incredible!

2. Croissants Class - I absolutely love cooking, but I have a very soft spot for learning how to make the oh-so-delicate pastry breads. Making the perfect croissant is on my bucket list. I will take this class someday (Maybe soon!) and perfect the art of croissant making!

3. Sewing with Knits - I haven't done much sewing over the last year and a half, but I would love to get back into sewing, especially with knits, so I can make cute things for Willow and myself!

I love learning - don't you? What craftsy class is on your wishlist? Check out all of the classes Craftsy has to offer!

Today is our last day in Florida. The week has gone by so fast! Here is a little bit of my week in pictures:

Freshly arrived in Florida! My feet were so swollen, the pool water felt fantastic on them!
Full Day Number 1...can you tell I have  a thing for taking pictures of feet? :) We started out pretty white!
Tuesday and Wednesday were quite chilly days. We decided to take a hike at the eco preserve a few miles from my
Grandparents house on Tuesday. It was absolutely beautiful walking a midst the mangroves!
Dustin and I on our hike! I'm 24 weeks now...I don't know how I can keep getting bigger!
After our hike we stopped at my favorite ice cream joint in town...I got the Gator Tracks ice cream. YUM!
On Wednesday my grandparents treated us to a fantastic late lunch at the restaurant Capt'n Cons in Bokeelia, FL. We had a pretty fantastic ocean view from our table and had the BEST seafood chowder and fish sandwich I have ever eaten.
So before leaving for Capt'n Cons we discovered that they are famed for their peanut butter pie. We bought a whole pie and brought it home to eat. OH.MY.GOODNESS. That pie was the richest and most peanut buttery pie I've ever eaten. 
Yesterday (Thursday) was the nicest day since the day we arrived so we went and visited my favorite beach in Venice.
We came home with 50+ sharks teeth! We believe that we found part of a Megalodon sharks tooth, the upper left in the picture.
We still are on vacation til Sunday, so there are still some more chances for funny stories, but this is number one so far.

First of all, I have to say that Dustin has always teased me for thinking that hunting for sharks teeth is childs play and that I'm crazy to love doing it so much. Yesterday, I roped him into coming out and helping me by scooping up sand from the surf line, onto the beach for me to sift through. After bringing me quite a few scoops, he sat down and was looking for teeth with me. At one point, he picked up what he thought was a rock and waved it in my face, teasing me that he found part a megalodon sharks tooth (Megalodon sharks are extinct and were MASSIVE terrorists of the ocean). When I saw what he was waving in my face, I grabbed it and examined it because it looked just like part of a sharks tooth! And, chances are, it is indeed a Megalodon tooth. I think Dustin needs to come hunting more often!

Today we are getting ready to head to Atlanta to visit a past co-worker of Dustin's and his wife. Tomorrow we are planning to visit the Coca-Cola Museum and the Georgia Aquarium. I am really looking forward to it!

Happy Crocheting!

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