March 04, 2013

It's a GIRL!

Friday was the longest most tortuous day ever! 

I had to keep myself busy all day to keep my mind off of the gender reveal party that was scheduled for about 6:30. 

So I worked on my mystery market bag pattern for the class I'm teaching soon...

And went to a lovely little coffee shop on the other side of town and worked on knitting my holden shawlette - which just happens to be FINISHED now!!

And then I picked up gender reveal cupcakes at the bakery!! I waited as long as possible to pick these bad boys up...I left them in the car after picking them up so I wouldn't be tempted to look at them. I wondered while taking this picture if the bakery's pink boxes were an omen of what was inside of the cupcakes...

So at long last, the time came when we drove to my parents house for the party! I ran a Facebook pole while we were driving there to see if people thought we were going to have a girl or a boy. Dustin has had nothing but boy in his head since we found out we were expecting, and I had kind of decided that I thought it was going to be a boy as well.

But then came the time that we bit into the cupcakes. SURPRISE! They were PINK! So we will be expecting little Willow Ozora Wales to make her appearance in about 19 weeks!

Beware - My Pinterest is going to be blowing up with little girl things right about...NOW!

Happy Crocheting! 


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