March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!!

Spring has officially sprung!

Or so my calendar says anyway! Waking up to 9 degrees and lots of wind sure doesn't make it feel like spring in Wisconsin!

I keep telling myself that vacation in Florida and 80 degrees is only 3 days away! I can handle a few more days of chilliness for my beautiful Florida weather.

In honor of spring, I wanted to share a few beautiful crochet patterns and Pinterest pins that I thought were Spring-spiring ( I just making jokes for myself over here?). These are all things that have made me smile, feel warm inside, and make sure the world knows about it!

{Angel Wings Pinafore}
Angel Wings Pinafore - Who wouldn't smile at such sweet adorableness?

{Sunny Spread}
Sunny Spread - I think this beautiful photo and the warm mustard color blanket make me feel peaceful Spring really will make it here someday, and even if it doesn't, you can come snuggle under me anyway.

{1510 Crochet Vest}
1510 Crochet Vest - This lightweight crochet vest is just lovely! So perfect for the spring wardrobe.

{Hexagon How-To}
Hexagon How-To - More than enough to bring a smile to my face! Pinks and spring!

{Flower Garden Granny Square}
Flower Garden Granny Square - This free granny square pattern KILLS ME with beautifulness!

{Easy Easter Bunny}
Easy Easter Bunny - AHH! Nothing says springtime more than Easter. These bunnies are ridiculously adorable!!!! I want one...or five.

Ok, now I'm all spring feaverish and want to go crochet flowers and bright colors and wear flowered dresses and short sleeves and yeah...warm temperatures, where are you?!

Happy Crocheting!

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Hi Chelsea, it's your former co-worker, Barb from New Glarus (clerk's office). I found you on Ravelry when I was checking out the Madison Area Crochet Guild. I was excited to read about your upcoming baby girl. Congrats!!! Please stop and see me next time you are home for a visit or maybe we could meet for lunch sometime in Janesville. I do all my shopping there. Call me when you return from Florida. I just got back from visiting my son in California. It was great to get away from wintery Wisconsin. Take care and have fun!

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