January 09, 2013

Janesville Knitting Guild and Tunisian Crochet

Last night was my first visit with the Janesville Area Knitting Guild! I went being quite skeptical about crocheting in a group that seemed very knit-centric from it's website, but was pleasantly surprised at the large amount of crocheters in the group!

When I arrived, I was happy to see that my new friends Judith (she owns the bead shop here in town!) and her daughter Katelyn were already there, so I sat with them. I was quickly introduced to all of the other ladies who were there, and pulled out my crochet project. I brought along some purple lambs pride I found in a large bag at goodwill this summer and made my first baby bootie! I found this sweet little moccasin pattern that I wanted to try out as a first bootie. I'm about 95% of the way done with my first one, and that was with a lot of distractions and pulling out a few rows because I was too busy talking to count :)

The guest speaker at the meeting tonight was Sheryl Theis. She is a knitting and tunisian crochet extraordinaire! She has 4 books to boast of, with the fifth on the way in March! I was lucky enough to get to see the projects ahead of time and even model one...naturally I forgot to ask someone to take my picture.

Here are her books to date:

She was wearing the cover shawl of Knitting by Nature. It was so incredible!

The shawl being worn in the bottom of this picture was from the knitting with nature book too!

Next month the knitting guild is hosting a Knit-In in Delevan, WI with Franklin Habit being the main speaker! I am hoping that I can go for one of the days. I know he is teaching a class on learning to knit from vintage patterns...that would be such a cool class to take, because I'm sure the knowledge is very similar to crocheting as well. And I'm a ravingly uncontroled definitely a vintage crochet pattern lover.

Do you attend any meetings like this in your area? What is your favorite part of the meeting?

Happy Crocheting! I'm headed back to my little booties :)


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