Evelyn Cowl - A FREE Pattern!

Today I have the great pleasure of announcing my first-ever Free Crochet Pattern!

Broomstick Lace!

Keep up with my New Years Resolution of learning Broomstick Lace!

Pleiades Shawl - Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012

Have you ever had a secret you wish wasn't a secret? That's how I always feel about my designs that are in the transit period between acceptance and publication!

Free Crochet Snowflakes

Snowflakes, Snowflakes, Snowflakes!! I'm seeing snowflakes in my sleep we have so much snow. So, what's a girl to do? Why......crochet snowflakes of course..

December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012...

Goodbye 2012...Hello to a new year and new resolutions. I've been really good at failing to keep my resolutions the last few years. But this year will be different...right? At least I won't be planning a wedding in 4.5 months again ;)

Hubby and I - aren't we cute?! ;)

Dustin and I made a hard decision together this fall, that I will not be returning to school. Not this year anyway. I'm so excited for my opportunity to become a stay-at-home wife and try my best to keep the house clean and organized (after it gets to that state for the first time! Ha!). On top of that, I feel that this is the perfect time in my life to learn how to sit and reflect on my days and learn how to best share it with you, my lovely reader! I really enjoyed my NaMoCroMo journey back in 2011 and getting into a swing of daily blogging. It was a challenge like no other!

In addition to my plans for blogging, I am getting myself back into the swing of designing crochet patterns! I feel like I've been successful recently with the launch of my Pleiades Shawl in October and releasing my first free pattern just last week. 

I'm very fortunate to live just a mile and a half up the road from my LYS here in Janesville (aka Dragonfly Yarn Shop). Making friends with the shop owner was #1 on my list, and it's so nice to attend the Thursday afternoon open knitting time! I'm also planning on joining the Janesville Knitting Guild despite the fact I crochet more than knit :) I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a SnB group that meets regularly in town. I don't think I'll be lacking for yarn-loving friends anytime soon!

On the home front, I fell behind in my great plans for our apartment. Maybe going through my first trimester of pregnancy brought this on? Yes, you read that right! I am so pleased to share with you that Dustin and I are expecting a little bundle of joy in about 6-1/2 months! I'm so eager to begin crocheting little sweaters and booties galore...but I've been making myself wait until our only (planned) ultrasound to find out if we are expecting a little girl or a little boy. Dustin is positive it's a boy. I haven't had any mommy-intuition as to what it is...other than dreaming once that it was a boy. I guess we will find out soon though! Just to go off on a little rabbit trail, I've really be thinking about having a fun little gender reveal party when the time comes to find out what we're having. It's just a thought though...nothing is definite :)

Where was I? Oh yeah. Now that I'm almost out of my first trimester (12 weeks now!) I've noticed that my energy levels are almost back to their pre-pregnancy levels. It's so nice to be able to mostly make it through the days now. Especially since our apartment needs attention! Going to school full time was really rough sometimes this fall. There were a lot of days I didn't know how I would make it until it was time to go home...but I did it! And pulled off a 3.875 GPA while I was at it. Not bad, if you ask me.

Me and my sweet baby siblings - Joel and Annalie

So, this is just a bit to get you back up to speed on where I am in my life! I hope everyone has a ton of fun celebrating the new year tonight! I myself will be celebrating with my family...and also celebrating my awesome little brother Joel's 9th birthday! He is such a cutie...I remember very well spending the night at the hospital with him and my mom 9 years ago. Where does time go?

Happy New Year!

December 26, 2012

Announcing: Evelyn Cowl - A FREE Pattern!

Hi Everyone!

So, today I have the great pleasure of announcing my first-ever Free Crochet Pattern!

Evelyn Cowl

Get ready for winter in style! Lightweight and warm, the Evelyn Cowl adds the touch of sophistication to your winter jacket that every woman craves. This cowl is worked seamlessly, adding a feminine picot-laced edging to both sides after slip stitching the rectangle into a tube. The body of your new favorite cowl is made with an extended single crochet mesh that is warm, yet light.

You can get your free copy of my pattern by visiting my Ravelry Store

Happy Crocheting!

October 22, 2012

Pleiades Shawl - Interweave Accessories 2012

Have you ever had a secret you wish wasn't a secret? That's how I always feel about my designs that are in the transit period between acceptance and publication!

Today I have the pleasure to introduce the Pleiades Shawl, which is my design in the new Interweave Crochet Accessories!

I received my commission to make this design the day I arrived on my 3 week vacation to beautiful sunny Florida last spring! I had a lot of fun designing the color scheme that makes this shawl unique - no two are alike! I can't see what other people make from this design...I think that the sky is the limit!

Happy Crocheting!

October 19, 2012

Project Simplification: The Day of Deals

My first post in the beginning of this series was very helpful to myself! That day I decided to really get the ball rolling on this project by looking for some furniture for my room!

I found the perfect dresser for my space on Craigslist this week for $25. It's currently sitting in the bed of my Grandpa's truck that I'm borrowing for the weekend. It's too heavy for just me to carry into the apartment :)

I hit the jackpot of deals (in my humble opinion) today!  I wanted to pick up some material at Joann's that could be hung on both sides of my large sliding patio door. I found this bold fabric in the red dot row for $5 a yard! I was skeptical that it would be enough for my project...but turns out, it was JUST enough! Wait, it gets even better. Red dot fabric is 50% off this weekend! So...I got 4-1/8 yards of fabric for just $10!

My luck continued to my trip over to Home Depot after this. Last night I ran over there just before they closed (our apartment is only 3 blocks away!) and picked out a whole bunch of paint chips. Dustin and I both really liked a specific color, so I went back today to buy a little sample bottle of it. When I walked into the paint area to find a person to talk to, I saw a little group of "oops" paints that were priced very nicely...and what do you think I saw? A paint that was almost exactly the right color! The only difference is that it's a bit darker, which I think will actually lend itself a lot better to the room. I was able to purchase a whole gallon of paint for just $7! Let the painting begin :)

The color I bought is the little dot in the corner. This definitely isn't a good representation of it.
So, my work is definitely cut out!

I spent some time the last few days working on cleaning up my room as well. I took some pictures this morning...but it's even improved since then so I won't disgust you with how un-tidy it still is ;)

On a crochet note - Have you seen the sneak peak of the new Interweave Crochet Accessories? Somebody you know may just have a piece published in it...Yup. Me! Stay tuned to see pictures (unless you want to buy the digital copy...like I did!) of my design!

Happy Crocheting!

October 16, 2012

Project Simplification - I can't believe I'm doing this

The first thing I thought this morning when I rolled out of bed was that I needed to take some pictures for this blog post....and that I'm crazy.

I'm definitely one of those people who are worried to death about what people think...so it will be a miracle when I am able to hit the "Publish" button on this post!

This is my first ever studio. In my first ever apartment! I managed to get married and move into said apartment at the beginning of the first semester I've ever been in college full time. Oh yeah, and I have 2 part time jobs plus my own photography business that I've been keeping up with. So, needless to say, I haven't found much time to unpack. Which is still inexcusable for the condition of these pictures I'm about to show you. Ready? I'm not sure I am...but here it goes!

Ugh...I did it!

This room is kind of small...big enough to hold all of the crap that my previous bedroom and walk in closet hosted though! And would you believe that this room has had some stuff taken out of it already? I've got all of my clothes sorted through (for the most part) and hung in my bedroom closet...so I'm pretty much down to knick knacks and yarn and sewing patterns and fabric...and boxes and more boxes! And 2 sad looking plastic shelving units.

Umm...yeah. I'll spare you the gory details of unit number 2. 

So, my new blog project for who knows how long is called Project Simplification. I dream of having a beautiful, approachable studio like this one.

Photo from Ishtar Olivera

Hubby and I have plans to go to Ikea this weekend (HURRAY!) to buy much needed bedroom furniture (confession: our mattress is still on the floor). I also have some plans to buy some things to make my studio a little bit happier place to habituate. I would like to install a curtain wire along the wall where that sad storage unit number 1 currently sits. I'm not sure what color I'm going to end up going with in the room (We can't paint), except that I will have some pretty egg shell blue accents.

I'm also keeping my eyes open for a dresser to purchase for super cheap either through craigslist or at goodwill. I have plans for it like this dresser

Isn't that an awesome way to be able to keep things at hand yet put away? And you can even paint it to be the exact color you want!

Alright, that's all for today folks. Next time I'll be back with some progress on decluttering (and unpacking boxes!)


October 15, 2012

Join me in my New Beginning!

Hey Everyone!

Fall always puts me into the mood to start doing things. Whether it is baking, cooking, crocheting or my new fun and exciting thing, home decorating, I love doing things that make me feel good. I wish doing school work fell higher on this list!! ;)

The first priority I have for my "doing" list this fall is Decluttering my life!! You know all of those gorgeous pictures of studios, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms that look perfect? I want that house! Having a clean, clutter free space is so relieving to my mind after I get home from a long day at school.

All of my stuffed was moved into our apartment over a month ago already...and it's all still sitting somewhere close to where it was when my parents set it down!

Will you join me in the process of getting my new studio/office space ready for some major crochet-spiration time? I know the only way I'll be motivated to get it all done is having some accountability from the rest of the crochet world!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of day 1...where I find the courage to show you what this room currently looks like.

On a crochet note...I have a new tutorial coming up this week! I'm designing a guitar strap for a friend of mine here at school which has inspired this fun tutorial! Can't wait to share!

Happy Crocheting!

September 26, 2012

What a Year!

Hey Everyone!

I've officially made it down the aisle and have began settling into some kind of a routine! My wedding was absolutely perfect in every way...I will never forget it! My husband and I are still working on getting all settled down into our cozy little apartment (Ok, it's not THAT little), and look forward to the day when we aren't trying to find homes for all of our new things!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Our main photographer (see the first two photos above this) was Sarah Monson, who is an old friend of mine. She did such an amazing job! I can't wait to share more photos!

So, what am I doing these days? I wish I could say I was crocheting!

Instead, I am going to school full time and continuing my Graphic Design degree. I like most of my classes, and all of my teachers! I can honestly say that the skills I'm learning are incredibly helpful to me thinking about furthering my own crochet business! Having some professional skillz is da bomb ;)

This summer I discovered a new passion! I took a job this summer at a local hospital as a newborn baby photographer and have really fallen in love with capturing every angle of new little lives. I've also been taking senior pictures, and am getting ready to break into wedding photography!

So, that's what is going on in the life of the new Mrs. Chelsea Wales. I do have a special surprise coming up very soon...but that will be another blog post (soon!)

Happy Crocheting!

May 18, 2012

Here I am!

Ok, I know it's been a LONG time since I have updated here!

There has been a lot going on here in the last few months. The biggest news happens to be this...
I'm getting married!

My Fiance proposed to me on April 9th in front of our parents at Wrigley Field in Chicago! We our planning for our big day on September 1st, 2012 :)

Naturally, I am doing most of the things for the wedding myself. I'm making all of my silk flowers from scratch, designing and printing invitations, and all of the like on a budget of $1500! I've been blogging a lot on my wedding blog called The True Confessions of a DIY Bride. If wedding planning interests you (or seeing if I can pull off a beautiful affordable wedding in a $28,000 average-cost wedding world), be sure to follow my blog!

There are a few new things going on in my Crochet world as well with one big surprise I can't wait to share! I'm going to try and keep things up to date, but naturally crocheting is a bit on the back burner.

Til the next time!

January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey Crochet Friends!

It's been a long while since I've posted. I suppose I could blame the holiday's for keeping me busy, but I'll just blame myself for being too lazy to write anything.

My family had a fantastic Christmas! The girls (My mom and my 9 year old sister) and I made many gifts to give to our family and friends! Personally, I received a scarf from Ellie, a scarf from Mom, Slippers from Mom, and a little headband that Ellie designed!
Mom was definitely the most ambitious of us and made everyone 2 things!
I wasn't quite as ambitious, making only 2 scarves. One for my boyfriend (This is a new development since late November!), and one for his mom. I designed both of them, and they are on my list of item to publish :)

Dustin (the boyfriend!) and I. This is the scarf my sister made me.
I was very impressed with her skills, especially since she is only 9 years old!

Like everyone else, I have made some New Years Resolutions I will share with everyone. I'm hoping this will help keep me accountable throughout the year! I've kept them a bit loose to allow for my always changing schedule...but they are guidelines!
1. Crochet Daily (so far so good!)
2. Blog Weekly (Check!)
3. Procrastinate Less (Check...I think...Oh wait, I really should be doing something other than blogging.)
4. Become more Organized and Orderly - This is a work in progress. I'm still working on turning my bedroom into a studio/office/workspace.
5. Learn how to work from a schedule stress-free - I can work from to-do lists, but they stress me out!

What New Years resolutions has everyone else made?

A project I am also considering doing over 2012 is having an on and off continuation of NaMoCroMo. One month I'd make new motifs daily and blog, and the next month I'd take a break. Opinions?

I have a lot of designs that I'm looking forward to releasing this year. I think it will be one of my most productive years yet!

Happy Crocheting, and Happy 2012!

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