October 19, 2012

Project Simplification: The Day of Deals

My first post in the beginning of this series was very helpful to myself! That day I decided to really get the ball rolling on this project by looking for some furniture for my room!

I found the perfect dresser for my space on Craigslist this week for $25. It's currently sitting in the bed of my Grandpa's truck that I'm borrowing for the weekend. It's too heavy for just me to carry into the apartment :)

I hit the jackpot of deals (in my humble opinion) today!  I wanted to pick up some material at Joann's that could be hung on both sides of my large sliding patio door. I found this bold fabric in the red dot row for $5 a yard! I was skeptical that it would be enough for my project...but turns out, it was JUST enough! Wait, it gets even better. Red dot fabric is 50% off this weekend! So...I got 4-1/8 yards of fabric for just $10!

My luck continued to my trip over to Home Depot after this. Last night I ran over there just before they closed (our apartment is only 3 blocks away!) and picked out a whole bunch of paint chips. Dustin and I both really liked a specific color, so I went back today to buy a little sample bottle of it. When I walked into the paint area to find a person to talk to, I saw a little group of "oops" paints that were priced very nicely...and what do you think I saw? A paint that was almost exactly the right color! The only difference is that it's a bit darker, which I think will actually lend itself a lot better to the room. I was able to purchase a whole gallon of paint for just $7! Let the painting begin :)

The color I bought is the little dot in the corner. This definitely isn't a good representation of it.
So, my work is definitely cut out!

I spent some time the last few days working on cleaning up my room as well. I took some pictures this morning...but it's even improved since then so I won't disgust you with how un-tidy it still is ;)

On a crochet note - Have you seen the sneak peak of the new Interweave Crochet Accessories? Somebody you know may just have a piece published in it...Yup. Me! Stay tuned to see pictures (unless you want to buy the digital copy...like I did!) of my design!

Happy Crocheting!

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