October 15, 2012

Join me in my New Beginning!

Hey Everyone!

Fall always puts me into the mood to start doing things. Whether it is baking, cooking, crocheting or my new fun and exciting thing, home decorating, I love doing things that make me feel good. I wish doing school work fell higher on this list!! ;)

The first priority I have for my "doing" list this fall is Decluttering my life!! You know all of those gorgeous pictures of studios, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms that look perfect? I want that house! Having a clean, clutter free space is so relieving to my mind after I get home from a long day at school.

All of my stuffed was moved into our apartment over a month ago already...and it's all still sitting somewhere close to where it was when my parents set it down!

Will you join me in the process of getting my new studio/office space ready for some major crochet-spiration time? I know the only way I'll be motivated to get it all done is having some accountability from the rest of the crochet world!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of day 1...where I find the courage to show you what this room currently looks like.

On a crochet note...I have a new tutorial coming up this week! I'm designing a guitar strap for a friend of mine here at school which has inspired this fun tutorial! Can't wait to share!

Happy Crocheting!

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