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Today I have the great pleasure of announcing my first-ever Free Crochet Pattern!

Broomstick Lace!

Keep up with my New Years Resolution of learning Broomstick Lace!

Pleiades Shawl - Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012

Have you ever had a secret you wish wasn't a secret? That's how I always feel about my designs that are in the transit period between acceptance and publication!

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January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey Crochet Friends!

It's been a long while since I've posted. I suppose I could blame the holiday's for keeping me busy, but I'll just blame myself for being too lazy to write anything.

My family had a fantastic Christmas! The girls (My mom and my 9 year old sister) and I made many gifts to give to our family and friends! Personally, I received a scarf from Ellie, a scarf from Mom, Slippers from Mom, and a little headband that Ellie designed!
Mom was definitely the most ambitious of us and made everyone 2 things!
I wasn't quite as ambitious, making only 2 scarves. One for my boyfriend (This is a new development since late November!), and one for his mom. I designed both of them, and they are on my list of item to publish :)

Dustin (the boyfriend!) and I. This is the scarf my sister made me.
I was very impressed with her skills, especially since she is only 9 years old!

Like everyone else, I have made some New Years Resolutions I will share with everyone. I'm hoping this will help keep me accountable throughout the year! I've kept them a bit loose to allow for my always changing schedule...but they are guidelines!
1. Crochet Daily (so far so good!)
2. Blog Weekly (Check!)
3. Procrastinate Less (Check...I think...Oh wait, I really should be doing something other than blogging.)
4. Become more Organized and Orderly - This is a work in progress. I'm still working on turning my bedroom into a studio/office/workspace.
5. Learn how to work from a schedule stress-free - I can work from to-do lists, but they stress me out!

What New Years resolutions has everyone else made?

A project I am also considering doing over 2012 is having an on and off continuation of NaMoCroMo. One month I'd make new motifs daily and blog, and the next month I'd take a break. Opinions?

I have a lot of designs that I'm looking forward to releasing this year. I think it will be one of my most productive years yet!

Happy Crocheting, and Happy 2012!

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