November 06, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 6

Hi Everyone!

Well, If I learned anything from today it is this: Take motif pictures before 4:30, because it's way too dark then! Sorry for the poor quality picture today, it's from my phone and I had a very large lack of natural lighting.

I actually really liked this motif. It doesn't lay quite properly though, so if I make it again, I'll fix that. But I really love the granny inspired inside with the lacier outer rows. I recently purchased a new-to-me emerald green vintage dress, and this might be the perfect motif for the wrap I design to go with it. Ideally, I'll make many of them and attach them to become a convertible shrug and shawl. But, enough details, I want to surprise you all!

I've been pondering what to blog on all day. I still don't really have any specific topic to talk about, so I guess I'll share my thrilling schedule for school next spring. I know I posted this summer about taking a break from going to College. I did stay true to what I said, and took the semester off. Let me give you a little bit of my educational background.

I started my college education at there bright young age of 15 years old. My mom discovered the CLEP (college level examination program), and was intrigued that one could study for an exam at home, pay a $75 fee, and walk out with 3 or 6 accredited college credits. The program has many subjects you can take. The only thing is finding out if your college will accept these credits or not. Anyways, I received 27 college credits using the program! I got all of my writing/literature, psychology and history classes out of the way for my associates degree, for well under $1000. Studying for these tests counted not only as college credit, but high school credit too (oh, yeah, probably should mention I was a homeschooled student!). Studying like this, I had so much free time to work on my crochet projects, read, work at the library, and generally enjoy life as a young'un.

If it weren't for my combined highschool/college
experience, I'd never have met my best friend
and traveled to NYC 3 times!
I transferred all of these college credits to my local tech school last fall and started into the Graphic Design and Illustration program. It is apparently the best program in the state (HA! Take that, UW!). I love being able to go to school and make pretty pictures (1st semester classes are very drawing intensive. You only get 1 computer class!), but there really is only so much I can take. There is something about the forced creative process that isn't very much fun. You are subject and limited to certain rules. Breaking the rules is not advised nor encouraged.

You are expected to want to go and find a job after graduation.
Out of the box thinking?
What's that?

My parents have been so essential to keeping me in my entrepreneurial mindset since going to college. I find myself slipping into the "daily grind job" mindset after being "in the box" so long.

Long story short, I needed the break to get back into designing again. Deadlines and crochet don't work. But, I also want to gain the knowledge in graphic design to apply to my design business. This will benefit YOU! :)

Next semester I'm really excited to be taking Typographic Design, Applied Computer Graphics and Color Media. I'm REALLY excited about all of these classes, because I can see how they will directly apply to designing for crochet! Yay!

I hope that you took interest from this. Because I couldn't think of anything else to write about!
Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

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