November 04, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of the NaMoCroMo show! Oops, I thought I had my own TV show for a moment :)

One warning I must make before you continue much farther - this is a VERY picture heavy post.

I'm finding that I look forward to blogging every day now! Isn't that something? It's definitely an enjoyable feeling.

Today's Motif looks really cool when there is light streaming through it. It's really pretty all on it's own, but I thought I'd make a change up on my photography style.

I was thinking about what to write about in today's post. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Wisconsin. We haven't had any of the crazy snow (yet), and still have a lot of beautiful fall foliage. I took a walk in my backyard and photographed some of the things I saw that inspired me. I enjoy going outside as a time to reflect and clear my head. I find photography as a very captivating subject to think about. It really is just stopping the perfect moment of time in a way that appeals to the photographers eye. (Just a note, these are all unedited photos. They went straight from my memory card to my computer hard drive to my blog!)

The photography class I took over the summer really has come in handy. There is nothing I love more than being able to share a bit of life through my eyes. When I go out to shoot, I always think about my perspective. What makes my perspective unique and different from everyone else's? What makes this picture special? 

I have so many photographs on my computer. Each one was taken with a lot of care. They aren't all perfect, but isn't that what makes them special? At school, I've taken a lot of drawing classes, and seen major improvement. But I still can't draw what I see in my head. Photography is the one thing that I can almost always shoot what I see in my head. Every click of the shutter is something I can share with the rest of the world. It's a very effective way for me to share something that is quite personal to me. 

Thanks for reading what I have to say! I'd love to hear what you think of my photo's, be it good or bad!

Til Tomorrow!

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GREAT photos! You said some things that really hit the nail on the head for me. I too enjoy photography because it's the best way to share my perspective.

I had always wished that I could draw or paint better (or at all) but photography is what works for me. Even though it's a literal representation of what we see, there's still so much to we can do in the angle, focus, exposure, post-processing, etc.

Thanks so much for sharing, and keep it up! You've inspired me to try getting out this weekend to take a few shots of the fall colors.

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Nice I see some crochet design inspiration in those photos?

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