November 29, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 29

Wow, I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day! Part of me is screaming HURRAY! While another part of me is saying, crap, where is all of my motivation going to come from?! I have been able to prove to myself through this project that I can get into a habit of crocheting daily. And not only that, but be able to take photographs and blog every day! I'm not sure I shared this in another post or not, but I chose to crochet motifs for this challenge because I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it. I admire a lot of designers who do absolutely incredible motif work. Like Ellen Gormley and Robyn Chachula. I never thought I'd be capable of coming up with 30 motif ideas. Granted, I did use a pattern or two and repeat my own designs a few times, but I came up with over 25 motifs! Hopefully this gives me a kick in my design pants. There are so many things I can do with the motifs I created throughout this project. And, I started scratching the surface of a few places I want to go with my future motif designing career.

Today's motif was pretty fun to make. I think it would look a lot cooler in 2 or 3 colors of yarn. You can kind of see that the first row looks a bit like a flower. It might make a really cool floral summer afghan, or a wrap, or something! It would be perfect for a super scrappy project.

Til tomorrow!

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Thanks for the shout out! To be in the same sentence with Robyn is an honor. I can't wait to see what you do with your new motif designs!

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