November 25, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 25

Firstly, I have to say, THANK GOD there are only 5 days left! Blogging every day while out of town may be the end of me!

Secondly, I'm done complaining.

I went black friday shopping today! I'm so thrilled with the purchases I made. I got an AMAZING pair of fashionable winter boots for $20 (long story...but they were originally $100 and I think the cashier accidentally undercharged me). And I also got all 4 seasons of my favorite TV show, Mad Men! The costuming is soo gorgeous and spot on for the time period. They take such great care to get down to every last little detail. Here is a little example if you have never watched the show:

Isn't it fantastic?! I was so thrilled to find all 4 seasons for only $8 a piece at Target today! I only bought the first 2 (stupid, stupid decision. I knew I'd regret  it.), and ended up buying the other 2 for $8 a piece plus free shipping online after I got home from shopping. I learned: ALWAYS go with your gut instinct when you're shopping!

Alright, I suppose you're dying to see my motif from today now. I'm actually pretty impressed I came up with this idea. It involved no pre-thought, and I easily whipped it up while visiting with family today.

Who knows, you may see this again in the future! Also, I have to mention, while I like this yarn, this color is the TOUGHEST to photograph. I have to mess with so many settings and end up with darker photos so that the yarn color doesn't blow out!

Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

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