November 19, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 19

Alright, here I am, tackling day 19. The weekends are so much harder than weekdays, I tell you! Weekends have become lazy (alright, not really lazy, just super crochet intensive?), and not as disciplined as my weekdays. 

It's been a long week for my family and I, I'm glad it's over. This next weekend I'll be heading up to my cousin's house in Western WI to babysit her kids for 9 or 10 days while she goes on a much needed vacation. Kiddo's are so much fun! This week I definitely learned that Mom stands for Master Of Multi-tasking. You finish breakfast, breakfast dishes, some cleaning up, sit down for a breather, "Chelsea, I'm hungry!" Really? We just had breakfast! Snack, find a mode of entertainment for children, crochet while thinking about lunch, prepare and eat lunch, do lunch dishes/cleaning up, sit down, crochet, try and get my blog post pounded out, "Chelsea, I'm hungry!" Find more snack food, crochet, and realize it's time to start prepping supper. Whewf. Stay at home mom's, you are amazing. I have so much more respect for everything you do!

It's definitely my bed time right now. Sleeping in sounds like a great idea tomorrow!

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