November 16, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 16 - Revised

It's a beautiful day! I can hardly believe I've got myself to blog 16 days in a row. I didn't know I could have so much to say! I know this got sent out yesterday as well, but the HTML code in that post was grossly messed with and was doing ridiculous things on my blog. So, here is a much better looking post!

Today's motif is like a flower and star combined. I had the idea last night and love how it turned out. I'm still in love with this Berroco Flicker yarn, it is amazing with this motif.

So, in all 16 days of this lovely blogging adventure, I have not delved into my love of fashion yet! I have always wanted to do something great in the fashion industry, to have my own brand, my own line of logo studded bags. You know...something that everyone wants yet few have (Like my favorite Louis Vuitton bags. I WILL own Louis Vuitton Luggage someday).

Over the years, my ideas on fashion have changed. Tastes have changed and developed from a teenage sensibility, to the ideas of a professional and chic young woman. Designing has always been one of my passions, and being an independent crochet designer has allowed this creativity to flow through my veins. I also have a great love for fashion styling. Recently I discovered that I have more fun going shopping with my friends and helping them pick out clothes than shopping for myself (even though that is still fun in itself). Here is a look I put together just for this blog post, and would love to wear myself, but would probably look better on a friend (Gabrielle, I'm thinking about you.)

I also have a whole pin board on Pinterst devoted to clothing that is currently my style. I love designing to this, and styling photoshoots for those designs. It's oh-so-much fun for me! Here is another style board that has a vintage inspiration.

This is what I absolutely LOVE to do. If there was a way for me to become a personal stylist as a way to make part of my income, I'd be on it faster than you can say let's go! (If anyone is interested in a personal style consultation, please, let me know. I might actually die from sheer giddy joy.)

So, my friends, I hope you enjoyed my dive into fashion!

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