November 14, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 14 - Loopy Yarns

Can you believe it's November 14th already? I can't! Thanksgiving is next week already! Christmas presents should be on my mind, but I have yet to start anything still. Thank you, procrastination!

Today's motif is actually a re-creation from day 6. It's a little bit different because it lays properly, and I changed some stitch counts, among other things. The yarn is Berroco Flicker, which is a new personal favorite. Yarn Review to come! It is a very lovely (and sparkly!) Baby Alpaca yarn.

Alright! On to the promised weekend spent in Chicago.

Here is a little photo collection I put together of the shop, which is located in Dearborn station on Polk Street in the South Loop of Chicago. The shop has a beautiful store front, where they display yarn on clothesline and clothespins (So clever!). The shop features 2 levels, a very large and expansive first floor filled with yarns of all fibers and colors you could imagine. The shop also features a vast selection of Cascade 220. Personally, I feel if a shop offers you every color of Cascade 220 under the sun, they're doing a fantastic job! (Back note, Cascade 220 is my favorite yarn because it is inexpensive and 100% wool!)

I got to meet the owner, Vicki, and she helped us (my adopted mom and I) out with finding some specific things. She was very sweet and helpful! Because I celebrated my birthday this month and added my name to the email list, I got $10 off my purchase of the skein of Flicker and the new issue of Interweave Crochet Accessories! Plus, since I'm a college student, I get a 10% discount :)

I really enjoyed my visit at Loopy. I can't wait to go back again (I'm thinking my next trip to Chicago, for sure!)

So, my dear readers, I will come back again tomorrow with more crochet!

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Oh my that shop is just a little slice of heaven!! How I would love it if there was a yarn shop any where within100 miles of me. I would drive there every chance I got !!

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