November 10, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 10

It's day 10! We're 1/3 of the way through the month already!

So, I thought I'd play up my mad photoshop skillz a little bit and flash a new style NaMoCroMo picture for you!

Same Motif, 2 pictures! This guy is a little smaller than all of the others I've made. Why? Well, we all need small motifs to go in between big motifs! (also, I was going to make him big, but things weren't working out and I needed to get finished so I could move onto other crochet projects. This is just my good excuse.)

I'm sure it's becoming apparent the project I'm working on with motifs at the moment...but I'm not making any official announcements yet! Any good guesses while you wait in suspense?

So, there has been a lot going on lately in my life. I have a mile long To-Do list (blogging hits the top almost every day. It's very constant).

Proof. That WHOLE page is filled full of stuff to do! With a motif on the other side. Yes. I'm busy!

Christmas is less than 7 weeks away now! My 9 year old sister Eleanor just learned how to properly crochet (she was really good at doing a little of this in that in all sorts of odd stitches for years) in the last few weeks. She is SO much faster at crocheting than I ever was at her age! She has made 2 longs scarfs for Christmas presents in 2 days, and started a 3rd today. I am slightly jealous at her rapid speed!

But, with this being said, I have a lot of work to try and cross off that massive to-do list!

Til tomorrow!

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