November 07, 2011

Introducing: Lena Wrap - NaMoCroMo Day 7

Wahoo! It's November 7th! That means we're 7/30 of the way through the month of November!

Today's motif is pretty interesting, in my own humble opinion:

Much better photographic lighting today :)This motif almost reminds me of a 4 leaf clover. I guess I'll just have to file it away for St. Patties day's ideas!

Today, I'm busy working on some new design ideas, so I'm going to let this pattern introduction take place of a lot of writing!

Introducing the latest addition to the Crochet Collection Pattern Line:

Lena Wrap
Designed by Chelsea Norquay

Inspired by shawls of old, this pattern is cute and chic enough for a young woman, yet timeless enough for grandma. Made in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk yarn, it is lightweight yet incredibly warm. Wear it draped across your shoulders by itself, or fastened together with a pin.

I'm really excited about this design! It really is the perfect Christmas present for all of the ladies on your list. My mom has been begging for one since she saw the original one I made a few weeks ago (I lost in on vacation. I didn't even get to wear it! *Insert huge sigh here*) I've discounted the pattern while it's still in the Pre-Order stage, so now is most definitely the time to snatch it up!

Happy Crocheting, til tomorrow!

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