September 11, 2011

Make it With Wool!

Hey there friends!! It's been a busy last few months, I've been working nearly full time, took a 2 week vacation, and was busily preparing for my annual trip to the Wisconsin Make it With Wool Contest! 

This year, my outfit consisted of a wool knit sweater--my first knit project ever--and a sewn plaid dress. I completed the look with a skinny brown belt, opaque brown tights and ankle booties. As first place winner in the Senior (ages 17-24) category, I get an all expenses paid trip to Scottsdale, AZ in January of 2012!

Wisconsin MIWW winners, 2012. Adult, Pre-Teen, Senior, and Junior.

Since I was at the wool contest this weekend, I had time to check out the 2 vendor barns that are always filled with so many incredible goodies. There was so much yarn! Hand painted, kettle dyed, naked (un-dyed, natural stuff), hand spun, machine spun, small farmed local stuff, and large company produced yarn. My mom and I found this awesome little booth that was FILLED with beautiful yarns that were priced incredibly well! I got over 2200 yards of beautiful naked fingering weight superwash wool, 1200 yards of the softest alpaca, 3 ounces of silk hankies (I'm posting on this separately. Silk hankies are AMAZING!), and a few ounces of soy silk roving! I'm so excited to get down to business with my new materials!

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Hey Chelsea! I found your blog googling MIWW. I "met" you at the national competition last January, though i'm not offended if you don't remember me. It's a bit easier to remember you since you got up in front of everyone to do "the cheer" at the mystery dinner ;)

Anyway, I'm loving reading your archived posts about MIWW. You have a similar story to me and my sister. I have entered for four years, each year learning so much, and last year was my first year at nationals. This year I incorporated knitting into my entry, inspired by you and another girl (can't remember her name though...). My sister is a Junior and an avid crocheter.

Did you enter this year?

Jordan from AZ

Hi Jordan! I went to your blog and saw your picture, and yes I remember who you are!

There isn't a whole lot out there on Make it With I'm glad that you found the wee bit that I had to offer on my blog :)

I actually didn't enter this year. I got married (!) and our state contest was only a week after my wedding. I had a very do-it-yourself wedding, so I definitely didn't have any time all summer to make anything.

I saw your outfit for this year, it looked beautiful! I wish you the best of luck at Nationals!

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