July 01, 2011

Day 2! Bouncing Ideas...

I'm back! Like I posted yesterday, I'm going to try very hard and post every day...my idea by doing this is keeping myself accountable to crochet more often, even if it's just messing around with stitch patterns and yarn. Since Grandma passed I've really slacked in my crochet. I've tried to rationalize that there just isn't time to crochet. Unfortunately, the truth is that it still emotionally hurts when I crochet. It brings back a lot of memories of my Grandmother and reminds me how much I miss her. I'm trying to turn this around and remember that by crocheting I made her so happy, which makes ME happy.

Alright! So let's continue from yesterday's post. Here are some pictures that I have shot since the beginning of my Intro to Digital Photography class :) I've learned a lot...and I love knowing how to use all the manual settings on my camera!

Garden Peony

My Beautiful Capitol
More pictures will follow!

Now, I have an announcement to make. Ahem! I, Chelsea Norquay, am considering taking the fall off from school. Yes, that's right! My mom called my attention to the fact that, since starting school last summer, the time I have to crochet has significantly diminished. Thinking about it, the total number of projects I've completed in the last 12 months is below 15. Crochet is incredibly important to me, it has me hooked for life. Surely, my career lies in the crochet field, so why am I searching elsewhere? Taking the fall off will allow me to start exploring the art of crochet once more, and re-discover all the beautiful and infinite possibilities it holds.

And this is all I have to share today, my friends!

Tomorrow, I'm going to start going back down the road of crochet by reviewing a crochet magazine that once was my favorite...but is it still?

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Yes, Chelsea, by all means... make a bit more time for crocheting. I look forward to seeing more of your designs in the magazines!

Awesome pictures and can't wait to see more of your crochet :)

I'm sorry for your loss, when you are ready to remember her gifts more than her passing, you will crochet again, I am certain. I know, I have lost my Grandma a few years ago & Mother a few months back - it's hard, but possible.

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