June 30, 2011

It's been a while...

Hello my dear friends!

Time has slipped by so quickly since my last post! I've been drowned in school, school, school, and more school! I'm very pleased to say that I'm only taking ONE class this summer, and it has been extremely enjoyable! So, a quick timeline of what I can remember happening from March-June 2011!

March-Early May 2011 - School. I finished my second semester at Madison College's graphic arts program. Grades were shocking to me, I managed to pull a B in drawing (my mid term grade was a B/C, I pulled it up!), and I got A/B's in everything else!

May-Early June 2011 - I took a 3 week super intensive 8 hours per day 5 days per week figure drawing class! The quality of my drawing went from sucks a lot to decent!
This drawing is what I feel was my best piece from the class. My teacher complimented me on the right hand sleeve, that it looks extremely real :) Excuse the lack of head and hands, I felt trying to add them would have ruined the rest of the picture. I managed to get another A/B from this class (hey, half grades every semester (or 3 weeks) says something!)

Early June 2011 - I had my graduation party! That's right folks, I'm officially graduated from High School! Here is me and my "official" senior portrait, taken by one of my dear friends.

Isn't it pretty? :)

Early June-Present (aka Happy July 1st!) - Intro to Digital Photography! I love this class very much, I've learned so much about the technicalities of photography! The end of this class is coming up quickly, and I've already photographed my final project! I took a trip down to good ol' Chicago last week with my friend! (she took that picture of me ^^ ) We had a great time...a few kinks in the road getting there, but those kinks make things memorable! I got a ton of great pictures, but I'll share those another day.

That leads us up to TODAY! I've got a lot of ideas popping around in my head...but I'll post about those things tomorrow! Let's see if I can get myself into a habit of posting daily, or bi-daily!

Now, go crochet til my next post!

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Hello Chelsea!
In your senior photo, you and wearing a lovely shirt, and I wanted to ask if part of it was crocheted? I have been looking allover for a patern for adding on to old shirts like how yours looked, and I just thought I would ask!


Hi! No, it actually isn't, although it very easily could be. I think I'll be making one though out of crochet! I actually found that shirt at a thrift shop a few years back.

Oh, okay! I still think it looks awesome=)
Thrift shops RULE!! Yeah, I've been looking for patterns like that for old shirts of mine(I am re-learning to crochet, and I love it!).

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