March 19, 2011

Spring, Glorious Spring!

Hi Everyone!

Spring has hit Wisconsin! We've been enjoying warm, sunny days this week, peaking at an incredible 60 some degrees Thursday. My spring break this year was timed very well.

A lot has happened since I posted last! I'm very sad to say that my Grandma passed away a few weeks ago. She left me with so many priceless gifts, including my knowledge of crochet. She will be very dearly missed. Many of my family members made hearts to tuck into her casket.

My best friend Gabrielle from Pennsylvania came and visited me last week as well! We had a lot of fun even though I still had to attend some school classes and had Grandma's funeral. Chicago was on our list of places to go over the week.
We visited Millennium park, and someone was nice enough to offer to take our picture! Unfortunately our trip didn't take us past any yarn shops, but part of me thinks it's a good thing or else my wallet would be suffering miserably.

I have done some crocheting the past few weeks, but not enough to draw special attention to anything. I can tell you I'm looking forward to summer vacation though!

Happy Spring!


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Hi Chelsea :) My condolences on your grandma's passing.I know it's hard. My grandma passed when i was 14 and it broke my heart! I still think of her often. I get my love of crochet and knitting from her. Thank you for a great site and i love your patterns:)Happy crocheting! You inspire for as young as you are to love crochet the way you do :) Pixie

My grandmother also shared crocheting with me. She passed away 16 years ago, and I still miss her deeply!

I was searching for a grape doily pattern for a friend & saw your postings. I wish you all the best! We are truly blessed to have had such wonderful, impactful women in our lives--let's continue on with the love (and craft) they shared with us!!!

Blessings, Wendy H.

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