January 17, 2011

Stash Busting!

Well, today was a long time in the making!

Mom and Dad took advantage of the long weekend and decided to clean/organize our very un-organized basement! After a long afternoon, and a whole day of cleaning, we have success AND a greatly downsized stash/WIP bucket! Everything that I'd had down there that was a WIP, I cut from the mother yarn (painful process, believe me), and threw into the trash. All those projects were small things I'd started and gotten bored with, so it wasn't a terrible loss. In the midst of my WIP rampage, I've also downsized my stash! I've become a bit of a yarn snob and love my wools and specialty fibers, so I put all my acrylic into a bag to go to Africa! It feels good to be starting off fresh for the year!

I also have all my projects numbered right now. I have a knitted sweater project going, 2 crochet designs in the works, and a sewing project. I'm going to force myself to finish my projects before moving on now so I don't have to go downsize again next January, and have more work to show for my time :)

Also, this weekend I had to do some photography for my Design Fundamentals class. We're studying line and had to take pictures of line "In the Real World."
Here are a few to show:

Happy Crocheting!

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Oh I am so happy. Those old WIP only spelled G-U-I-L-T....now they are gone gone gone!

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