January 29, 2011

Drowning in Designs!

Hi Everyone!

I'm still so excited about the Winter Spice Slouch Hat! I made one of my best friends a hat for her Christmas gift (it's late, I know), and she took some awesomely fantastic pictures for me!

Last night I was sitting thinking about going to work today. The library fluxes with heating over the winter, sometimes it's SO hot in there, other times it's quite chilly, so I'm never quite sure how to dress. Lately, it's been on the cool side, which makes for cold hands! I decided it was time to make myself some nice fingerless mittens of my own, so why not make ones that match my new favorite hat?

As you can see, I chose Patons Silk Bamboo yarn. It's SO soft and lush, I adore working with it! I finished the first mitt last night, and have been writing the pattern with the next. Finishing writing/crocheting this one has to wait for my pile of homework I've been putting off this weekend though. I guess it'll make me work all the faster!
I also have more various ideas for patterns...but they're getting sketched out and set aside til this one is finished!

(why did I stop?!)

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Happy Crocheting!

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Are you doing the fingerless truly fingerless or with partial fingers? I like the one with partial fingers because it eliminates drafts but haven't found a good one that I can do for me with my klutzy fingers.

I typically do partial finger since I still haven't figured out the best way to do partial fingers. I'm sure I could take some time and figure it out with this pattern!

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