January 06, 2011

Cascade 220 - King of all wool yarn!

Coming to you live from my best friends house in Pennsylvania!

Today we spent the day out visiting one of her close friends, and what did we do? We went out yarn shopping! We visited two stores, Twist Knitting & Spinning in New Hope, PA as well as Gazebo Plus, also located in New Hope.

While I don't have any pictures of the awesome yarns I bought today quite yet, I want to talk about my favorite yarn of all time!

To me, Cascade 220 is staple yarn of all staple yarns. With 220 yards in a skein, it's the perfect length to crochet one-skein accessories at a great price (who can beat $6.50 a skein?!). Not only is it priced for a small yarn budget, but it comes in practically every color under the sun! I'm constantly amazed by the new colors I find at different shops. There are so many to play with and mix. My purchase today consisted of one skein of rich pink, royal purple and a deep green.

Take a look at the shopping I've put together below, See what you find! I love it all :)
Until next time!

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