Evelyn Cowl - A FREE Pattern!

Today I have the great pleasure of announcing my first-ever Free Crochet Pattern!

Broomstick Lace!

Keep up with my New Years Resolution of learning Broomstick Lace!

Pleiades Shawl - Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012

Have you ever had a secret you wish wasn't a secret? That's how I always feel about my designs that are in the transit period between acceptance and publication!

Free Crochet Snowflakes

Snowflakes, Snowflakes, Snowflakes!! I'm seeing snowflakes in my sleep we have so much snow. So, what's a girl to do? Why......crochet snowflakes of course..

January 31, 2011

Getting snowed in!

It certainly is that time of year again! Here in southern Wisconsin we're supposed to be getting 18-24 inches of snow in the next 2 days! I got off of work today, and will not be traveling to school tomorrow. Instead, I get more crochet time! I've been working on some of my projects with a cup of chai tea by the fire. I'm not the only one enjoying the nice toasty fire!

My kitty loves it too! Between the two of us and mom, we fight for that favorite chair that sits right next to the fire. Amberose (the kitty) wins most of the time because he's just too cute to move, although mom says otherwise.

Back to crocheting!

January 29, 2011

Drowning in Designs!

Hi Everyone!

I'm still so excited about the Winter Spice Slouch Hat! I made one of my best friends a hat for her Christmas gift (it's late, I know), and she took some awesomely fantastic pictures for me!

Last night I was sitting thinking about going to work today. The library fluxes with heating over the winter, sometimes it's SO hot in there, other times it's quite chilly, so I'm never quite sure how to dress. Lately, it's been on the cool side, which makes for cold hands! I decided it was time to make myself some nice fingerless mittens of my own, so why not make ones that match my new favorite hat?

As you can see, I chose Patons Silk Bamboo yarn. It's SO soft and lush, I adore working with it! I finished the first mitt last night, and have been writing the pattern with the next. Finishing writing/crocheting this one has to wait for my pile of homework I've been putting off this weekend though. I guess it'll make me work all the faster!
I also have more various ideas for patterns...but they're getting sketched out and set aside til this one is finished!

(why did I stop?!)

Oh, Yes! Do you want to stay in the loop with all the latest details on my crocheting? Join my facebook page! I'm constantly updating and posting pictures and inspiration.

Happy Crocheting!

January 28, 2011


The Winter Spice Slouch Hat!

I'm so excited to be offering this pattern, I am very proud to call it my brain child :)

Winter Spice

Designed By Chelsea Norquay

Materials Needed:
K Crochet hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)
1 skein Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted

Do you want to make a statement this winter with a cute, trendy hat? Look no more! You will receive compliments galore with your new new Winter Spice Slouch Hat! Designed by an experienced teenage crochet designer, this hat is cutting edge and will look great on anyone!

Happy Crocheting!

January 17, 2011

Stash Busting!

Well, today was a long time in the making!

Mom and Dad took advantage of the long weekend and decided to clean/organize our very un-organized basement! After a long afternoon, and a whole day of cleaning, we have success AND a greatly downsized stash/WIP bucket! Everything that I'd had down there that was a WIP, I cut from the mother yarn (painful process, believe me), and threw into the trash. All those projects were small things I'd started and gotten bored with, so it wasn't a terrible loss. In the midst of my WIP rampage, I've also downsized my stash! I've become a bit of a yarn snob and love my wools and specialty fibers, so I put all my acrylic into a bag to go to Africa! It feels good to be starting off fresh for the year!

I also have all my projects numbered right now. I have a knitted sweater project going, 2 crochet designs in the works, and a sewing project. I'm going to force myself to finish my projects before moving on now so I don't have to go downsize again next January, and have more work to show for my time :)

Also, this weekend I had to do some photography for my Design Fundamentals class. We're studying line and had to take pictures of line "In the Real World."
Here are a few to show:

Happy Crocheting!

January 15, 2011

I did it!

Hi Everyone!!

Exciting news! I made the deans list for my Fall semester at school :) I ended the semester with a 3.833 GPA.

This week was my first week of school. I've survived! I'm really enjoying being an art student so far, and I'll say that my drawing is going to be forced into improvement (that is not a bad thing at all!), and my creativity will be challenged at all times. I also have some spare time at school, and I sit in the halls or my classrooms and crochet! I'm working on a new pattern right now that I'm hoping to have finished this week. Here is a sample to get you all excited!

Many thanks to my lovely "sister" Stephanie for taking my photograph while I was visiting last week! She did a fantastic job!
Happy Crocheting (and back to school)!

January 06, 2011

Cascade 220 - King of all wool yarn!

Coming to you live from my best friends house in Pennsylvania!

Today we spent the day out visiting one of her close friends, and what did we do? We went out yarn shopping! We visited two stores, Twist Knitting & Spinning in New Hope, PA as well as Gazebo Plus, also located in New Hope.

While I don't have any pictures of the awesome yarns I bought today quite yet, I want to talk about my favorite yarn of all time!

To me, Cascade 220 is staple yarn of all staple yarns. With 220 yards in a skein, it's the perfect length to crochet one-skein accessories at a great price (who can beat $6.50 a skein?!). Not only is it priced for a small yarn budget, but it comes in practically every color under the sun! I'm constantly amazed by the new colors I find at different shops. There are so many to play with and mix. My purchase today consisted of one skein of rich pink, royal purple and a deep green.

Take a look at the shopping I've put together below, See what you find! I love it all :)
Until next time!

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