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Pleiades Shawl - Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012

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December 12, 2011

What a break!

Well, that was a bit longer of a break than I anticipated enjoying!

I have been feeling guilty the last few days because of my lack of posting. I figured it was time to ease my conscience today! I have been enjoying a lot more crochet time since the end of the NaMoCroMo project. I have had a lot of design ideas spring from it, as well! Maybe someday I'll be very well known for my motif patterns :) (a girl can dream, can't she?)

Today I delivered a 3 scarves and 2 hats to one of my friends who I used to work with. I designed all of the scarves, and used other patterns for the hats. She is planning on giving them as gifts to her family (and a hat/scarf set to herself). Which reminds me that I have a sad lack of crocheted gifts for my own family this year!  I might try and change this with the 2 weeks I still have before Christmas :) I finished one of the scarves while I was babysitting my cousins the last week in November.

My little cousin is a natural model!
The scarf patterns are currently en queue to be written up for the enjoyment of my blog readers! I think you all will like them very much (as well as the other patterns that are ahead of these in the line of waiting to be written!).

Happy Crocheting!

November 30, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 30 - I DID IT!

I'm celebrating everyone!! I managed to crochet motifs and blog every day for the last 30 days! I've decided that I'm not a fan of blogging every day. A lot does happen in my life, but I feel that blogging 2 or 3 times a week about these things is more effective. Blogging daily can easily turn into a ranting spree about very petty things.

I've been feeling very guilty because I have made virtually nothing in the way of Christmas presents for my family yet! I've been thinking about just designing everyone something. Doing that, I'll cross off my list of designing I want to get done, AND have Christmas presents! Sounds like a good deal to me ;) Although, I'll be honest and tell you I have some UFO's that are hanging around my room in the form of afghans. I should finish them up!

Now, I'm going to reward myself for finishing this challenge by taking a few days off. I'm babysitting my cousin's 3 kids til Sunday, so I'll check in with project reports and some good writing on Monday!

Happy Crocheting (And Happy December!)

November 29, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 29

Wow, I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day! Part of me is screaming HURRAY! While another part of me is saying, crap, where is all of my motivation going to come from?! I have been able to prove to myself through this project that I can get into a habit of crocheting daily. And not only that, but be able to take photographs and blog every day! I'm not sure I shared this in another post or not, but I chose to crochet motifs for this challenge because I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it. I admire a lot of designers who do absolutely incredible motif work. Like Ellen Gormley and Robyn Chachula. I never thought I'd be capable of coming up with 30 motif ideas. Granted, I did use a pattern or two and repeat my own designs a few times, but I came up with over 25 motifs! Hopefully this gives me a kick in my design pants. There are so many things I can do with the motifs I created throughout this project. And, I started scratching the surface of a few places I want to go with my future motif designing career.

Today's motif was pretty fun to make. I think it would look a lot cooler in 2 or 3 colors of yarn. You can kind of see that the first row looks a bit like a flower. It might make a really cool floral summer afghan, or a wrap, or something! It would be perfect for a super scrappy project.

Til tomorrow!

November 28, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 28

Wow, I can't believe we're pulling into the last 2 days of November!

Today's motif had a bit of a spider web inspiration. I've had some interesting ideas lately. I might have to keep up with this whole idea of crocheting a motif every day!

Tomorrow I should try something really cool and awesomely different. I'll try and surprise you all!


November 27, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 27

I feel a little pathetic for bringing you small and pitiful looking motifs these last few days! I've been playing with some ideas that are running deep. Today's embodies one of my favorite stitch patterns that has a great texture. I've been experimenting with how to successfully make it fantastic in the round, but still needs some refining.

Today, the kids and I made paper snowflakes and used glitter paint on them! They're so cute. I meant to take pictures, but I think that will happen tomorrow :) I owe you all a good blog post after the little stuff I've been doing the last few days. I've been managing to keep 3 little kids entertained, a house clean, and dishes done. I'm pretty proud of myself!

Til Tomorrow -

November 26, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 26

Alright, I'm going to admit, I'm posting this at 11pm because I didn't have a spare minute to post before now! I'm keeping busy as a bee this week, for sure :) I had this idea as I was kind of doodling with my crochet. I wish I'd have had more time to develop the idea, but it was an idea, no less! It would be really cute in that white sparkly yarn that I used earlier this month!

I'll have some pictures in the next few days of my new little crocheters! I'm staying with my cousins this week, and they have caught on REALLY fast!

Til tomorrow!

November 25, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 25

Firstly, I have to say, THANK GOD there are only 5 days left! Blogging every day while out of town may be the end of me!

Secondly, I'm done complaining.

I went black friday shopping today! I'm so thrilled with the purchases I made. I got an AMAZING pair of fashionable winter boots for $20 (long story...but they were originally $100 and I think the cashier accidentally undercharged me). And I also got all 4 seasons of my favorite TV show, Mad Men! The costuming is soo gorgeous and spot on for the time period. They take such great care to get down to every last little detail. Here is a little example if you have never watched the show:

Isn't it fantastic?! I was so thrilled to find all 4 seasons for only $8 a piece at Target today! I only bought the first 2 (stupid, stupid decision. I knew I'd regret  it.), and ended up buying the other 2 for $8 a piece plus free shipping online after I got home from shopping. I learned: ALWAYS go with your gut instinct when you're shopping!

Alright, I suppose you're dying to see my motif from today now. I'm actually pretty impressed I came up with this idea. It involved no pre-thought, and I easily whipped it up while visiting with family today.

Who knows, you may see this again in the future! Also, I have to mention, while I like this yarn, this color is the TOUGHEST to photograph. I have to mess with so many settings and end up with darker photos so that the yarn color doesn't blow out!

Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

November 24, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 24

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I traveled with my aunt and cousin up to my other cousin's house, where we will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow...after a little black friday shopping, of course!

I'm so thankful for everything that God has blessed me with. My family, my friends, a warm house, plenty of food.  I'm also so thankful for all of you who read my blog!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

November 23, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 23

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! I can't wait!

Today I was able to enjoy a day out with some of my girlfriends :) We had coffee while catching up and giggling, saw Tower Heist (which is abso-freaking-lutely hilarious), and briefly did some shoe trying on at the mall (6 inch sparkly stiletto's? I think yes!)

Today's motif is a product of experimentation. I'm not sure what I think of it. It might need a different weight yarn and a little tweaking to be what I tend to like. I may play with this concept in the future :)

Also! I have pictures that I took this morning driving home from my Grandpa's house. The morning light was hitting the frost so beautifully, I had to stop and take some pictures!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for my cousin's house! I'm so excited to spend time with my extended family for Thanksgiving :)

November 22, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 22

Hello Everyone!

We're down to the final stretch - only 8 days left! It's going to be odd not feeling this sense of obligation to write on my blog every day. I'll admit, it is starting to become habitual! I'm getting to the point where I don't have a whole ton to say every day, but there is something! You're getting a good glimps into my life.

Right now, I find myself missing the gorgeous country of Uganda. It's been a year since we were there already! I miss the beautiful rolling hills, the jungle, the warm temperatures, and the multitudes of loving people. It was such a memorable trip! So, it was fitting that I used the African Flower Hexagon Motif pattern today.

I really love this motif! I might put something together for a Christmas gift for a family member (Shhh! I say no more because family members read all of my posts)

Today I'm going out photographing with one of my old friends from my homeschool days. I think it'll be pretty fun! It's cloudy out, so I won't get the "Bokeh" effect that I really love from sunlight, but I think the results will still be pretty great! I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow :)
Til then!

November 21, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 21


It's day 21! Only 9 short days left (ohthankgoodness) - I didn't just say that.
I've been crocheting the same motif lately - I've got a new design in the works! So, I thought that I would share this motif I found while going through some of my late grandmother's crafting things this afternoon. My grandma was a fan of motif based designs, there were so many motif afghans that she made (or started).

Hopefully my motif ideas become a little more inspired by tomorrow. I will have something different and exciting to show you!

I stumbled upon this picture I took back on my Chicago trip last weekend. We were walking past this little bar that was in a basement of a building with the awesome stained glass. I think there were a few other panes of it, but I loved the classic 30's Old Hollywood look of this lady.

Coolest thing ever, right?!
Well, that's all I've got for today. I'm going to go crochet and try to get my fingers warmed up :)

November 20, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 20

I regret to say that today is the first day I don't have a picture for ya'll. I'm using a foreign computer at my grandpa's house...the temptation to not make a post was very great, but a commitment is a commitment! I did make my motif though, just saying :)

Today I went to my good friend Shea's house and enjoyed the Green Bay Packers game! We beat the Buckaneers 35-26! It was a really close game, but that was what was great about it, I think. As I also said, I'm at my Grandpa's house right now, and am staying the night here. I'll be going home in the morning, so you'll get pictures of the Days 20 and 21 motifs tomorrow :)

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!
Til Tomorrow,

November 19, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 19

Alright, here I am, tackling day 19. The weekends are so much harder than weekdays, I tell you! Weekends have become lazy (alright, not really lazy, just super crochet intensive?), and not as disciplined as my weekdays. 

It's been a long week for my family and I, I'm glad it's over. This next weekend I'll be heading up to my cousin's house in Western WI to babysit her kids for 9 or 10 days while she goes on a much needed vacation. Kiddo's are so much fun! This week I definitely learned that Mom stands for Master Of Multi-tasking. You finish breakfast, breakfast dishes, some cleaning up, sit down for a breather, "Chelsea, I'm hungry!" Really? We just had breakfast! Snack, find a mode of entertainment for children, crochet while thinking about lunch, prepare and eat lunch, do lunch dishes/cleaning up, sit down, crochet, try and get my blog post pounded out, "Chelsea, I'm hungry!" Find more snack food, crochet, and realize it's time to start prepping supper. Whewf. Stay at home mom's, you are amazing. I have so much more respect for everything you do!

It's definitely my bed time right now. Sleeping in sounds like a great idea tomorrow!

November 18, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 18

Well, here it is! Day 18, the 3/5 mark!

Today has been one of the hardest days for me to post. This week has been catching up with me. I didn't get my motif done in time for good photography, either. Oops! I'm tempted to say just take my word for it, but I'll give you a picture anyways.

Today I have been watching my FAVORITE movie (among other things).

If you haven't seen The Devil Wears Prada, GO! Go get it from amazon, your local library, borrow it from a friend, you must see it. I absolutely adore this movie. My little brother gave it to me for my birthday last week, and I was SO ecstatic to have my own copy that I can whip out whenever I want to watch it.

Of course, I spotted some crochet:

That little green bag there? It's either crocheted or knit. I didn't get the greatest look, and this is the only glimps of it you get in the whole movie (after all, who uses their purse with more than one outfit? *bleh*)
Maybe you'll see my own version in the future?

So, this is all I got for today. Your homework, go find this movie. Or tell me how awesome it is in the comments (Please, comment if you haven't seen it, anyway).

November 17, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 17

Wow, day 17 already?! After a day like today, I'm a little glad that there are only 13 days left. I have been babysitting all week, and have had a hard time balancing all of my priorities with my 4 siblings and cooking, cleaning, crocheting and blogging. I have a whole new perspective and respect for what you do, Mom.

You know, I really don't have much to say tonight. I'm unwinding from my day with a nice cup of Jasmine Green Tea sweetened with some honey. I'm planning on crocheting on some more projects tonight, and coming up with more brilliant design ideas ;) Oh, today, I did get a lovely box of some delicious yarn in the mail!

Sorry to tease, but this is all your getting for now!

Jusqu'à ce demain (Until Tomorrow in French)!

November 16, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 16 - Revised

It's a beautiful day! I can hardly believe I've got myself to blog 16 days in a row. I didn't know I could have so much to say! I know this got sent out yesterday as well, but the HTML code in that post was grossly messed with and was doing ridiculous things on my blog. So, here is a much better looking post!

Today's motif is like a flower and star combined. I had the idea last night and love how it turned out. I'm still in love with this Berroco Flicker yarn, it is amazing with this motif.

So, in all 16 days of this lovely blogging adventure, I have not delved into my love of fashion yet! I have always wanted to do something great in the fashion industry, to have my own brand, my own line of logo studded bags. You know...something that everyone wants yet few have (Like my favorite Louis Vuitton bags. I WILL own Louis Vuitton Luggage someday).

Over the years, my ideas on fashion have changed. Tastes have changed and developed from a teenage sensibility, to the ideas of a professional and chic young woman. Designing has always been one of my passions, and being an independent crochet designer has allowed this creativity to flow through my veins. I also have a great love for fashion styling. Recently I discovered that I have more fun going shopping with my friends and helping them pick out clothes than shopping for myself (even though that is still fun in itself). Here is a look I put together just for this blog post, and would love to wear myself, but would probably look better on a friend (Gabrielle, I'm thinking about you.)

I also have a whole pin board on Pinterst devoted to clothing that is currently my style. I love designing to this, and styling photoshoots for those designs. It's oh-so-much fun for me! Here is another style board that has a vintage inspiration.

This is what I absolutely LOVE to do. If there was a way for me to become a personal stylist as a way to make part of my income, I'd be on it faster than you can say let's go! (If anyone is interested in a personal style consultation, please, let me know. I might actually die from sheer giddy joy.)

So, my friends, I hope you enjoyed my dive into fashion!

November 15, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 15 - The Halfway Point

We are officially 1/2 way through this month with this post!

 I suppose it was fitting that I had a major brain fart today, and it took me hours and a lot of frog stitch (rip-it, rip-it!) to come up with this pitiful motif today. There are 2 good things that have come from this:
1) I like the concept this idea and I have a better idea of how I can execute it next time.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has responded to my posts via email this week. I love hearing from you and sharing advice with you! If I haven't responded to you yet, please be patient :)
Today, I've been babysitting my siblings. I made Oreo Cookies with my baby sister Annalie! They are a very grown up version of our overly sweetened and barely chocolatey version purchased in stores.


Speaking of delicious, you should check out something my friend Laurie Wheeler made! She is the fearless leader of the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF), and set out to try crocheting with bacon this week. She blogged about her successful attempts, and has made me hungering for bacon ever since. Read about it on The Crochet Liberation Front!

Til tomorrow, when I'll hopefully be more inspired.

November 14, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 14 - Loopy Yarns

Can you believe it's November 14th already? I can't! Thanksgiving is next week already! Christmas presents should be on my mind, but I have yet to start anything still. Thank you, procrastination!

Today's motif is actually a re-creation from day 6. It's a little bit different because it lays properly, and I changed some stitch counts, among other things. The yarn is Berroco Flicker, which is a new personal favorite. Yarn Review to come! It is a very lovely (and sparkly!) Baby Alpaca yarn.

Alright! On to the promised weekend spent in Chicago.

Here is a little photo collection I put together of the shop, which is located in Dearborn station on Polk Street in the South Loop of Chicago. The shop has a beautiful store front, where they display yarn on clothesline and clothespins (So clever!). The shop features 2 levels, a very large and expansive first floor filled with yarns of all fibers and colors you could imagine. The shop also features a vast selection of Cascade 220. Personally, I feel if a shop offers you every color of Cascade 220 under the sun, they're doing a fantastic job! (Back note, Cascade 220 is my favorite yarn because it is inexpensive and 100% wool!)

I got to meet the owner, Vicki, and she helped us (my adopted mom and I) out with finding some specific things. She was very sweet and helpful! Because I celebrated my birthday this month and added my name to the email list, I got $10 off my purchase of the skein of Flicker and the new issue of Interweave Crochet Accessories! Plus, since I'm a college student, I get a 10% discount :)

I really enjoyed my visit at Loopy. I can't wait to go back again (I'm thinking my next trip to Chicago, for sure!)

So, my dear readers, I will come back again tomorrow with more crochet!

November 13, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 13

How is it day 13 already?! It means there are only 17 days left! The month has been flying by faster than I like to see.

Today I spent some more time in Chicago land. I went to the visitation of a my "Aunt" Millie, my best friend Gabrielle's great-aunt. I had the pleasure of knowing her for the last year and a half, and stayed at her house for a few weeks when visiting with Gabrielle's family in Chicago. She will be very dearly missed. I will never forget the days that we spent with her :)

Alright, so I promise this is the last day for a while that I share kind of crappy pictures. I am definitely a natural light photographer, and this is NOT natural light (Needless to say.)

I do like the idea behind this motif though. I might do something similar in the future with a different twist :)

I didn't have any time to pull together my yarn shop review today, unfortunately. So, this lovely picture of the BEST pizza in Chicago will have to do. I ate 2 of these massive pieces. I think it's a new personal best! (I can't believe I ate the whole thing!)

I really love Chicago, if you can't tell!
To bed with me! So I can write lots tomorrow and make perfect sense for ya'll :)

November 12, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 12

Hey Everyone!
It's day 12! 
I made today's motif while sitting on the train on my way to downtown Chicago:

I definitely had fun working on it!

I have a ton of pictures that I'm just dying to share with you, but they're gonna have to wait til tomorrow! I'll give you all a little teaser of the pictures though:

Be excited!
Til tomorrow,

November 10, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 11

Today you get a motif AND a yarn review! It must be your lucky, oh, wait it is! It's 11/11/11! I made my ultimate wish at 11:11am, and will make another at 11:11pm :)

First, for our lovely motif:

Today's motif is exactly the opposite of yesterdays. It's HUGE. You can't really see the scale...but it's big. At least, when you're trying to make a comparison! I actually really like this one though, I'd use the inner part as a motif for another design. It's really kind of cool. You could make the first 2 rounds in a bright color with a more neutral outer rows...and have this really cool flower like thing. I don't know...I'll come up with something some day (soon!).

Now, Yarn Review!

Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Yarn. Colorway shown is Iris Garden. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this yarn! Well, I'll be honest, chances are you give me any yarn that has a trace of silk in it and I'm hooked, but this is really exceptional stuff. I've always been a huge fan of all of the amazing Lorna's Laces colorways, but this was the first time I was actually able to purchase some for my own. I wasn't disappointed! I'm still a newbie to lace weight yarn, but I really enjoy the silky smooth ease that the yarn slips through my fingers and over the hook. It makes it easy to work with, since I'm a fairly fast crocheter. I don't run into many snags with the hook or splitting of yarn when I insert the hook into stitches. The fabric that the yarn creates is just amazing, as well. Again, the color...oh, that gorgeous, gorgeous color. Needless to say, I'm smitten. I can't wait to show you what I'm making out of it! I just need some of that speed that my sister has (read yesterday's post for the reference)...I'm so slow with this lace weight stuff!

Now, you will have to be easy on me the next 2 days. I'm going to Chicago for a funeral this weekend, and I'm crossing my fingers a few times that the hotel will have free wi-fi. I'll take my camera, and I promise I'll blog. But, don't expect huge long posts from me :) I'm for sure going to Loopy Yarns tomorrow, and I'll take some yummy pictures and show ya'll Sunday! (or tomorrow night. which ever blog post comes first post-trip!)

Now, don't forget to make a wish tonight! I know what I'm wishing for :)

NaMoCroMo - Day 10

It's day 10! We're 1/3 of the way through the month already!

So, I thought I'd play up my mad photoshop skillz a little bit and flash a new style NaMoCroMo picture for you!

Same Motif, 2 pictures! This guy is a little smaller than all of the others I've made. Why? Well, we all need small motifs to go in between big motifs! (also, I was going to make him big, but things weren't working out and I needed to get finished so I could move onto other crochet projects. This is just my good excuse.)

I'm sure it's becoming apparent the project I'm working on with motifs at the moment...but I'm not making any official announcements yet! Any good guesses while you wait in suspense?

So, there has been a lot going on lately in my life. I have a mile long To-Do list (blogging hits the top almost every day. It's very constant).

Proof. That WHOLE page is filled full of stuff to do! With a motif on the other side. Yes. I'm busy!

Christmas is less than 7 weeks away now! My 9 year old sister Eleanor just learned how to properly crochet (she was really good at doing a little of this in that in all sorts of odd stitches for years) in the last few weeks. She is SO much faster at crocheting than I ever was at her age! She has made 2 longs scarfs for Christmas presents in 2 days, and started a 3rd today. I am slightly jealous at her rapid speed!

But, with this being said, I have a lot of work to try and cross off that massive to-do list!

Til tomorrow!

November 09, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 9 - Aka My Birthday!

It's not everyday you wake up to a good 20 happy birthday text messages on your phone! I'm devoting this first part of my post to say THANK YOU to everyone who has wished me happy birthday so far today :) It has put a large smile on my face!! Love to each and every one of you!

Today it is SNOWING!!! We're slated for 2 to 4 inches of glorious white stuff.

Normally you can see farther than that grey line...it's not snowing that hard, but it is snowing!

Can you guess what today's motif is? :)

I have been busy getting the Lena Wrap pattern all ready for the official pattern release! It is very exciting for me to finally fully release another Independent pattern. 

I'm out the door at the moment to go get some work done elsewhere, so, I'll definitely write more tomorrow! Promise!


November 08, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 8

It's day 8 already!! 4/15 of the way through November :)

Speaking of day 8, tomorrow is day 9. Day 9 is my Birthday! I've been so concerned about forgetting...I know if I write about it here, there is no way I'll forget.

My To Do list has been so never ending lately! I have so many ideas for so many patterns, trying to keep up with all of my business math homework, and helping around the house. And then maybe finding time to sneak in an enjoyable activity or two during the week. It's a good thing I can't stand having idle hands!

Today's motif is part of a new project this is sitting high on my list!

Maybe you have some guesses what are up my sleeve? If you have any ideas, comment! I want to know what you think :)

This yarn is kind of fantastic, too! It's made from Vanna's Glamour, made by Lion Brand. I'm not normally a huge fan of acrylic, but adding the bit of sparkle that the metallic has, it's visually enchanting.

Well, I have so much to do, and my daylight is slipping away so rapidly! I'll write more tomorrow :)
Here is to my last post before turning 19!

November 07, 2011

Introducing: Lena Wrap - NaMoCroMo Day 7

Wahoo! It's November 7th! That means we're 7/30 of the way through the month of November!

Today's motif is pretty interesting, in my own humble opinion:

Much better photographic lighting today :)This motif almost reminds me of a 4 leaf clover. I guess I'll just have to file it away for St. Patties day's ideas!

Today, I'm busy working on some new design ideas, so I'm going to let this pattern introduction take place of a lot of writing!

Introducing the latest addition to the Crochet Collection Pattern Line:

Lena Wrap
Designed by Chelsea Norquay

Inspired by shawls of old, this pattern is cute and chic enough for a young woman, yet timeless enough for grandma. Made in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk yarn, it is lightweight yet incredibly warm. Wear it draped across your shoulders by itself, or fastened together with a pin.

I'm really excited about this design! It really is the perfect Christmas present for all of the ladies on your list. My mom has been begging for one since she saw the original one I made a few weeks ago (I lost in on vacation. I didn't even get to wear it! *Insert huge sigh here*) I've discounted the pattern while it's still in the Pre-Order stage, so now is most definitely the time to snatch it up!

Happy Crocheting, til tomorrow!

November 06, 2011

NaMoCroMo - Day 6

Hi Everyone!

Well, If I learned anything from today it is this: Take motif pictures before 4:30, because it's way too dark then! Sorry for the poor quality picture today, it's from my phone and I had a very large lack of natural lighting.

I actually really liked this motif. It doesn't lay quite properly though, so if I make it again, I'll fix that. But I really love the granny inspired inside with the lacier outer rows. I recently purchased a new-to-me emerald green vintage dress, and this might be the perfect motif for the wrap I design to go with it. Ideally, I'll make many of them and attach them to become a convertible shrug and shawl. But, enough details, I want to surprise you all!

I've been pondering what to blog on all day. I still don't really have any specific topic to talk about, so I guess I'll share my thrilling schedule for school next spring. I know I posted this summer about taking a break from going to College. I did stay true to what I said, and took the semester off. Let me give you a little bit of my educational background.

I started my college education at there bright young age of 15 years old. My mom discovered the CLEP (college level examination program), and was intrigued that one could study for an exam at home, pay a $75 fee, and walk out with 3 or 6 accredited college credits. The program has many subjects you can take. The only thing is finding out if your college will accept these credits or not. Anyways, I received 27 college credits using the program! I got all of my writing/literature, psychology and history classes out of the way for my associates degree, for well under $1000. Studying for these tests counted not only as college credit, but high school credit too (oh, yeah, probably should mention I was a homeschooled student!). Studying like this, I had so much free time to work on my crochet projects, read, work at the library, and generally enjoy life as a young'un.

If it weren't for my combined highschool/college
experience, I'd never have met my best friend
and traveled to NYC 3 times!
I transferred all of these college credits to my local tech school last fall and started into the Graphic Design and Illustration program. It is apparently the best program in the state (HA! Take that, UW!). I love being able to go to school and make pretty pictures (1st semester classes are very drawing intensive. You only get 1 computer class!), but there really is only so much I can take. There is something about the forced creative process that isn't very much fun. You are subject and limited to certain rules. Breaking the rules is not advised nor encouraged.

You are expected to want to go and find a job after graduation.
Out of the box thinking?
What's that?

My parents have been so essential to keeping me in my entrepreneurial mindset since going to college. I find myself slipping into the "daily grind job" mindset after being "in the box" so long.

Long story short, I needed the break to get back into designing again. Deadlines and crochet don't work. But, I also want to gain the knowledge in graphic design to apply to my design business. This will benefit YOU! :)

Next semester I'm really excited to be taking Typographic Design, Applied Computer Graphics and Color Media. I'm REALLY excited about all of these classes, because I can see how they will directly apply to designing for crochet! Yay!

I hope that you took interest from this. Because I couldn't think of anything else to write about!
Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

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