December 15, 2010

Free Crochet Snowflakes

It's that time of year again! The snow is LARGE amounts here in Wisconsin! We have an abundance of the beautiful white stuff. It's much different than the beautiful lush green we saw in Uganda 3 weeks ago!

Free Crochet Snowflake patterns happen to be my very favorite right about now...with Christmas coming up next week (gasp, I just said it...and no, I don't have ANY Christmas presents ready!), crocheted snowflakes may be the way to go! Crocheted snowflakes will be treasured for years to come by your friends and family, and can be quite simple to make if you've had some experience crocheting. If you're new to the thread scene, like me, they can be a little more challenging, but I'm always up for one, aren't you?

My favorite free crochet snowflake patterns of 2010 are:

Beautiful Snowflake 1

Beautiful Snowflake 2

Beautiful Snowflake 3

Beautiful Snowflake 4

Beautiful Snowflake 5

Beautiful Snowflake 6

Beautiful Snowflake 7

Beautiful Snowflake 8

Beautiful Snowflake 9

Beautiful Snowflake 10

Gorgeous Snowflake 1

Gorgeous Snowflake 2

Gorgeous Snowflake 3

Gorgeous Snowflake 4

Gorgeous Snowflake 5

Happy Crocheting! I want to go pull out some white thread and get to work now!

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Wow, this is a wonderful Christmas present to us all! Thanks so much for being so kind and generous! Much appreciated!

Oooh thanks! I've just been searching for beautiful snowflakes pattern ) And I'm yet to prepare all the presents too. So much to do so much to do!

What beautiful snowflake patterns. I'm not too familiar with working cotton thread, but one look at these snowflakes and I'm going to give it my best effort. Thank you for such lovely patterns.

Ann, Did you know that if you wanted to make a little bit larger sized snowflake, you could use a baby or dk weight yarn? That is what I have been doing with my recent NaMoCroMo project!

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