September 13, 2010

Make it With Wool Results!

Hello Everyone!!
I know you're all waiting anxiously to hear my results from the contest, as well as pictures of my finished garments!

Chelsea's Outfit:

Modeling the Coat!
After the Contest

Coat Removed while Modeling

Flashing my coat lining!

I finished with 1st runner up and received a $50 cash prize :) I don't think the judges liked my trendiness............they said they didn't like Purple and Teal? What's with that?
Definitely my favorite color combination!

Here is a picture of the whole senior division, it was only two of us!
Sara and I. She will be representing WI at the National MIWW
contest this January in Reno, NV.
Cherie's (aka my mom!) Outfit:

Mom created a lovely Cardigan and Dress for her Wool Ensemble! 
Mom's Lovely Outfit
I was so proud of mom! This was her first real sewing project for herself in years! She tackled many things that posed as challenges to her, including zippers! She had to rip and tear a few things out more than once, but she managed to finish her beautiful outfit in just about a week. 
This was mom's first year in the MIWW contest, and she won first place! She will send several pictures, a 3 minute video, and her garments to the Adult National MIWW contest which is being held in WI this December. The winner overall will be flown to Reno, NV in January to attend the National MIWW contest.
Eleanor's (aka my 8 year-old sister) Outfit:
This was my little sisters second sewing project! She made her navy blue skirt with Pendleton wool I won at the MIWW contest several years ago. I designed the skirt for her, and she did all the sewing, as well as serged finishing of her seams, all by herself! She created a fringe hem, and had an elastic waistband. 

She was the youngest competitor at our state contest :)

And here we are! All of the family Make it With Wool girls! 

Until Next Time, where I may just have some sewing tips for you!
Happy Crocheting!

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Seriously digging that coat : )

Thanks! I absolutely love it, it'll get so much use this winter :)

You done good. The coat is beautiful and the dress looks great. Color is an individual thing. :) I think it looks fine.

Mom and sis did well too!

Love your coat! Pffft whats up with the judges. Colour is great

Your coat is gorgeous! You should have won 1st prize. :)

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