September 28, 2010

It's Time for School!

Hi Everyone!!

Yes, yes, we know that everyone has been back to school for a while now, including myself. I haven't had much time for crocheting between my measly 8 credits of school and working my part-time position at the library!
Guilty Confession: I'm writing this post instead of doing my homework, which is still in major catch up mode from slacking over the wool contest.

But, I just wanted to share something I'm super proud of that I have produced in my Intro to Computer Graphics class! Our class assignment number 4 was to create a CD album cover for ourselves that included a piece of our own artwork. Since I'm not very naturally gifted in drawing or painting I brought out my dress I crocheted for the Make it With Wool contest last month!

CD Cover by ~ChelseaMarieDesigns on deviantART

If you notice, what fills the dots in spots is my dress :) I was able to colorize it in photoshop to match the outlying circle. I'd welcome any critiques you may have!

In the meanwhile...In the spare time that I do have to crochet, I've been designing my first project to teach the women in Uganda! It's coming along quite will come!

Happy Crocheting!
P.S. Don't forget to check back often, I've been updating the Yarn counter as I receive yarn! 70 pounds is SO AWESOME!!!!! Thanks everyone!

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