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August 11, 2010

Donations: 20 Pounds and Counting!!

Guess What!!!

Yes, I've started getting yarn donations in the mail!
 Monday I received a package that was absolutely amazing from Shazz009 who saw my request on Ravelry. She sent me 16 pounds of yarn!!! I had to document the "unveiling" of this gigantic package to share with everyone. Her generosity really moved me! 
Lookie at all this absolutely gorgeous yarn! There are miles of amazing name brand yarns that filled this bag. There will be so many high quality products that the ladies can make from them! There are multitudes of wools, alpacas, mohairs...it is absolutely lovely.

To add to the pile of blessings, I got a package from Knitfiend yesterday filled with cotton yarn!! Pastor Moses, who we are working with in Uganda, is visiting us for the next week. While mom was in Uganda last fall, she was able to teach some women who already knew crochet how to make spa cloths. There is no cotton yarn available in Uganda so the women have been unable to make us any cloths. This beautiful package is very timely for us to be able to send yarn back to have cloths ready when we arrive in Uganda this November!

I'm so excited to start getting so many supplies! 20 pounds is a fantastic way to start out in the first 3 days!

Other things going on in my life: Pastor Moses brought along fried grasshoppers (a delicacy in Uganda) for us to sample here in the states. Everyone on our missions team who attended the open house we hosted tonight tried them! I have eaten 5 so far, they taste like oily, crunchy shrimp. Not bad, but it'll take a while for me to consider them really tasty!
I'm also looking forward to a trip to Chicago next week! I'll be spending the week with my best friend, crocheting away on my dress I'm making for the Make it With Wool contest. I'll really enjoy the R+R from my busy summer, but I'm not to excited that I get to start school 2 days after I get home!

Until Next Time...when I may have a picture as proof of my eating grasshoppers!

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