July 26, 2010

Crochet Collection goes International - Your Chance to Help!

Hello to all my Crocheting friends!

It's been quite a while since I've posted, I will fill in a few of the blanks that have been missing the past few months!

1. I'm going to College! I've officially graduated from my homeschool classes, I'm finishing the much dreaded math at a local tech college to finish High School requirements. This is my last week of school, I start my math AND graphic design (my major!) classes in late August. I'm excited, but I know it going to be a lot of hard work. I expect a lot from myself academically, my goal is to make the Dean's List this Fall :)

2. I have expanded my knowledge of sewing quite a bit this summer! I made a pageant dress for a little girl I attend church with. I'm also sewing a beautiful royal purple mohair coat for the Make it With Wool contest this September!

3. I'm going to Uganda in November right after my 18th birthday!

Since I know 95% of my blog readers are yarn enthusiasts, I have a special challenge for every one of you! I'm on a mission to change the lives of the poverty struck women there through the amazing art of crochet. Being a crochet designer, I'm always inspired to make new, beautiful things. I can't tell you how many times people ask if they can have something made for them, but I simply don't have the time! I am planning to teach the women there how to make lovely garments, accessories, baby clothes and the like, and paying them a fair wage! I'd like to be able to market the line of clothes I bring out of Uganda to high end boutiques all over the country. As my ground breaking trip, I want to be able to take 750 pounds of yarn with me to give to the ladies.
Here is where you come in, my dear friend! Do you have some yarn in your stash you love, but know you probably won't ever use? I'm believing that I will get my goal of 750 pounds of yarn, donated for me to take on my trip! I know it seems like a large number, but If every one of my regular readers sent 2.5 pounds of yarn, that would be more than enough to fill my bags! Not interested in sending yarn, but want to support my trip? Please send me an email at the address below :)
Questions or comments about my mission trip, or donating yarn? You can feel free to contact me at: princess.of.crochet(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy Crocheting!

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Not sure where you are going to be in Uganda, but there is a craft shop in Kampala on Kampala road just passed Watoto Church that sells DK weight yarn. Can't wait to hear about your crochet project!

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