February 03, 2010

Easy Crocheting Patterns for Beginners

I am delighted to bring you this original easy crocheting pattern for beginners designed by my Grandma. It is such a great original idea that it is launching a whole new product for my website Crochet Collection.

This easy crochet pattern is a kitchen towel topper. What makes it unique is that it will turn every towel in your kitchen into a crochet top towel. And better yet it does not need to be continually washed and will continue looking good as new!

Also you can use what ever colors match your room and/or your towels. You can put a button on it, or simply make a shorter top over the circle if you have knob handles in your kitchen, or make a self-tie version like the one pictured.

I was able to complete on in about twenty minutes, so if you are looking for a great new gift giving idea, you can whip these out in no time flat.

This is an easy crocheting pattern for beginners because
it only involves single crochet and double crochet stitches.

Kitchen Towel Topper Pattern (self-tie)

small amount of worsted weight yarn
size H crochet hook
3 inch ring - we recommend the Endu-RING

Begin by single crocheting around the three inch ring.  I usually only need about 36 stitches to make is around without the ring showing.  It's okay if you need a few more or a few less stitches depending upon your gauge, hook size, and yarn.  Once you get around the ring, slip stitch to your first stitch.  Then chain 3.  Double crochet into the next four stitches of your ring (completes row one). 
*ch3 and turn (counts as first double crochet) and double crochet in the next four stitches (completes row two). 
Repeat from * until you have 8 completed rows. 
Row 9:  ch4, double crochet into the third stitch, ch 1 and double crochet into the last stitch, turn. 
Row 10 repeat one row at *, do not fasten off. 
Now you will edge your holder.  Chain three, single crochet all around your project.  I usually single crochet into the side of each of the double crochet stitches and when I go around the ring I skip a stitch (for example ch3, single crochet into second stitch all the way around).
Fasten off when you get back to where you began your edging. 
For the self-tie, you need to make a 50 stitch crocheted chain.  Put the tie into the top area of your circle (or just above it in your first double crochet row) and then draw the tie into the two slots you created in Row 9.  Tie in a bow.

What I really like about this project is the versatility.  You can create a seasonal gift, or a very personalized gift in just a matter of minutes.  Also the ring is very durable and should last a life-time under normal use.  We also offer a larger 4 inch ring.  You can make this same project with the larger ring, but of course you will need more stitches to go around the ring.....otherwise the pattern is identical.  If you wish to add a couple more stitches to the double crochet row, you can do that too.  It is very versatile.

You can skip the self tie and make only one hole in the center of Row 9 for a button, or only make a couple of rows with a hole for a kitchen knob to pop through.  There are so many different variations, it's so much FUN!

We will soon have a video on how to create this product. 

For more information on the Endu-RING click here!

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this! This is a wonderful idea and I wonder why no one thought of it before? PERFECT. :)

Very nice work.
Best wishes


Stumbled onto your blog while googling a simple pattern to make a sweater coat for myself. Still no luck with that but LOVE this towel ring! Thanks for sharing it and I am looking forward to giving it a try. I am not the best at crocheting, only doing simple patterned afghans but figure, if I don't ever take a chance at making something a little more complicated, I'll never learn!

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