September 14, 2009

Make it With Wool Contest - Outift 1

Hey Everyone!

As you probably know, the Wisconsin Make it With Wool contest was this weekend. Being the ambitious teenage girl with a mission, I created two outfits for the contest this year, finishing both outfits only 3 hours before it was time to leave for the contest (the 2 hours were spent sleeping and the 3rd getting ready to leave). This outfit displayed here is the duster I made with Cherry Tree Hill's Oceania yarn. It is a boucle yarn with a strand of nylon and a metalic running through it. The duster is amazingly gorgeous and sparkly, It will be fabulous to wear all the time! The suit is made from a fabric bought off the $5 fabric table at Paron fabrics in New York City. The suit pattern is a vintage simplicty pattern from the 1970's, bought for a dime at a local thrift shop. I heavily modified and fitted the pattern with my friend, her mom, and grandmother as well, while visiting her in Pennsylvania. I had a great time talking to the judges about this outfit, and while it didn't win, the sewing skills I put into this outfit were 100 million times better than any other sewing I've done in my life. I'm very proud of my work, and I plan to keep up sewing and have them near perfect by the next make it with wool contest.

Happy Crocheting...stay tuned for pictures of outfit number 2!

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Stunning! I can't wait to see the second look.

Beautiful, as expected! You are so talented!

And how did the contest go????

Absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job! I love it!

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