July 13, 2009

Red Heart Yarn -- Not so bad after all?

Hi Everyone!

Today our lovely friend Jodi came to our house for a visit! While we were talking and enjoying ourselves, she whipped out her current knitting project - a pair of baby socks. The yarn that she was using was so pretty. Naturally, I asked what kind it was. Mom and I were amazed when she told us it was Red Heart's "Heart & Sole", a super fine sock yarn with aloe in it. The yarn's self striping looks great, and it knits up to be the cutest socks (as you can see over on the left). So what happened to Red Heart being the super clunky, obsolete yarn on the market? As much as I don't enjoy working with Acrylic yarns, Red Heart stands up to the test of time by washing and wearing better than most yarns. While I agree that other more luxurious yarns are much more fun to work with, if you're going to make something that will be used a lot, Red Heart is the way to go. And hey, if Red Heart is going to start making more green, eco friendly, fun yarns that colors don't suck, isn't that an added bonus?!
What do YOU think? Comment away!

Happy Crocheting!

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I love red heart for afghans - my grammy used to make them for us all the time and they've lasted forever . . . with some beautiful memories associated. Maybe with some updated stylings, I can make the same kind of thing for my kids from redheart:)

Where can I find this pattern - baby socks.

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