July 14, 2009

Make it With Wool - Outfit Number 2

Hi Everyone!

So, after yesterday's post about Make it With Wool, I'm going to continue on and show off the plans for this years outfits. Just for the fun of making you wait, I'm sharing with you the outfit that is still in the planning stages. I picked up this vintage Simplicity pattern at St. Vinnies (remember Marianne? That's where we got her too!), one of our local thrift shops, for a dime. I can't believe I found it in this condition, every piece is there...and it's just the perfect size for me! The view I plan on making is the one in all red, but I'd like to add a belt like the red shirt/plaid pant ensemble. Since I am taking a trip next month to visit my friend Gabrielle (who actually won the Junior division at the Nat'l MIWW contest the year I went!), I'm planning on constructing the entire garment while I'm vising her, getting the sage advice from her, as well as her mom-who got 5th in the nat'l adult contest last year-on my sewing!
Now, for the good stuff! In Doris Chan's book Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You, I saw this amazing duster. I knew the very first time I saw it that it was MIWW contest material. I'm planning on making it out of the recommended Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn, which is 50% Wool and 50% Alpaca. I'm very excited to see how it turns out! I'm still deliberating on a color combo, but I like the Autumn shades they chose for the model. I may go along with the 70's look provided by the sewing pattern, but I still haven't made my mind up...
Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first half-way finished outfit!

Happy Crocheting!

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