February 11, 2009

The New Heisman Trophy!

Look at our cute new little lamb, Heisman. Chelsea will definitely be spinning his wool next year. He is a bummer lamb from a farmer who didn't have time to raise him. Seeing how our flock of ewes will be lambing soon, we jumped at the opportunity to gain some experience before we have 30+ lambs in our barn.

Right now he's living in our kitchen and Chelsea is the new mama. Heisman has been a good little lamb and Chelsea hasn't lost any sleep due to feedings. He goes 7 - 8 hours between his night time feedings and usually wants to eat every 4 - 5 hours during the day. By next week he'll be

down to 4 feedings/day and will graduate to living in the barn.

Any guesses as to what breed he is?

hint: this breed is small/medium and quite often raised for meat although they have soft short staple wool.

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I didn't know there were breeds of sheep. He is a cutie though

Is he a Southdown Babydoll? I would love to find a couple of these for my mini farm.

Heisman is just so cute! It´s boring that we live in city, but I´m glad that I´ve got little siblings to take care of.



is it a Texel??
btw, it's the cutest sheep I've ever seen!!!!


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