February 05, 2009

Marianne's Debut

When we left home this morning we had no idea we would return with a new member of the family but that is what happened. We would like to introduce the newest member of our family......


I needed to run to the Willy Street Co-op (one of the natural food co-ops our family belongs to) so I suggested we make the morning of it and also run to the St. Vinny's Store one block away. St. Vinny's is a charitable thrift store, and this particular store specializes in retro clothing, so Chelsea is always thrilled to take a peak at what is in the store. I walked into the area where the home furnishing stuff was and standing right before me was Marianne. It was like God placed her there right for our family. Let me tell you why.

Chelsea has been begging for an adjustable dress form for years. Our first dress form was a homemade creation made with duct tape. We duct taped Chelsea in a turtle neck. Chelsea looked like an astronaut by the time we were ready to cut off all the duct tape. That first dress form was a pretty sorry substitution for the real thing.

Then Chelsea found a great deal through Jo Ann Fabrics, but all the reviews of the product were so disappointing that we decided a good deal would be wasted money if the reviews were any indication on the quality of the product.

Chelsea has been scouting eBay for a long time, but the cost of shipping really made the purchase prices on the forms she found prohibitive. How incredible is it that an adjustable dress form would be waiting for us this morning! And the price was right! Thank you Jesus!

Marianne is modeling a vintage satin wedding dress that Chelsea gleaned at a garage sale for about a quarter (could be a dime....it was put as much into a bag as you could squeeze in for a dollar). The 100% natural felted wool wrap was hand made by a close family friend from Finland. The pin was a vintage looking Walmart find and the pearls are old costume jewelry from my box.

We look forward to allowing Marianne model our crochet creations. It's a happy day at our house.


(PS We found a very cool crocheted shirt at St Vinny's too. Marianne will be modeling that tomorrow!)

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I've been praying for a Marianne myself, and a head too. So glad to see you guys found one, awesome

Wow! I sure wish I could get that excited over a dress form! :P

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