February 07, 2009

Dahlia and Marianne

Hello Everyone! 

This is the lovely Marianne modeling the striking "Dahlia" Top I found at St. Vinnies on Thursday. It's beautiful, and it still has the original tags on it! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this top in the "retro" section, it's ALL crocheted (can you believe that?! Someone crocheted it, since crocheting cannot be reproduced by machine). The little lines that you see running verticly down the top are little shell stitches, and the horizontal lines are all chains, each boasting a very small, but extremely sparkly, bead.

Dahlia was made out of a fine weight, linen yarn, and is two toned, which reminds me of a corset!

I hope you enjoy looking at this absolutely stunning creation! I'm so thankful that she came into my hands to be highly appreciated and only worn on special occasions, rather than someone who was just looking for something cool.
Until Tomorrow, when I have SUPER exciting news!

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Wow I have never seen anything like that. And hey is it tomorrow yet???

WOW! Its really superb work.....Excellent blog post....

How to Crochet

What a stunning piece! I can't believe you found that at St Vinny's! But then again, I do find some remarkable items at our local St Vinny thrift stores as well.
Congrats on a most valuable find!

Foarte frumos. Sper sa-mi dai voie sa ma inspir din acest model

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