December 20, 2008

A majorly photographic post!

Hey everyone!

Since I never finished the blogging I was going to do about Interweave Crochet, I'm just going to go ahead and share pictures from my trip =D

Happy Crocheting!

Ellen Gormley's Beautiful driftwood cap

Drew Emborsky's Diamond Cable Pullover (trust me, this one looked much better in person than on a model!)

The Marvelous Stepping Stones Cardigan by Kirsten Omdahl, modeled by my fabulous mother!

I'm wearing the pretty little dolman designed by Annette Petavy, with maniquin dearest wearing the lovely spanish moss coat designed by Tracy St. John

And last but not least, my dear friend Marly Bird's Fino Mitones.

4 Comments, Leave a Comment:

They are all so pretty!
I love the cable pullover.
Did you make all of these?

The cabled pullover looks fantastic on you!

Ooooh, how gorgeous. Serious envy going on over here!

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